Hilaria Baldwin broke her ankle over the weekend©Hilaria Baldwin
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Hilaria Baldwin broke her ankle while out on a run due to a speeding car

The 36-year-old took to Instagram to share the news with her followers.

2020 has definitely been a year for the books and people, including celebrities, have experienced their highs and lows. Hilaria Baldwinwelcomed a baby boy this year with husband, Alec Baldwin which made her a mom of five. While she’s been experiencing motherhood and taking care of herself and a newborn baby, things took a bit of a turn for the worst for Baldwin this past weekend.

Hilaria Baldwin©@hilariabaldwin
Hilaria Baldwin balancing being a busy mom of five.

The 36-year-old shared a photo to her Instagram on Monday morning which showed her lying in bed holding her baby, with her foot elevated on a pillow. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the beige wrapping on her ankle, which can only mean one thing. The author and health guru sadly broke her ankle this weekend while out on a run.

Hilaria Baldwin broke her ankle during a run over the weekend©Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin in bed elevating her broken ankle while holding her baby.

Baldwin captioned her post, “I broke my ankle yesterday because you know...2020. I went for a run and a car passed fast on this patch or road with no shoulder where there was a berm. I ran up on to the berm to avoid the car and as I was returning to the road, I fell and broke my ankle. It was silly and I’m frustrated and sad...but I’m determined to be positive and heal as quickly as possible. It’s hard because I can’t carry my babies—amongst so many other things.”

“Reminder: if you are on a country road: don’t speed and please slow down around runners, bikers, children and go around. It’s worth the extra few seconds it takes you 🤍. Thank you to John...the kind man who stopped and helped me up from the road and waited with me until Alec came—forever grateful 💫,” Baldwin’s caption continued.

Baldwin is handling the news of her ankle as best she can although it must be very difficult for her considering how active her lifestyle is. For the past month or so, the 36-year-old has been sharing her workout tips and tricks as well as healthy eating habits with her 838k followers on Instagram.

She looks incredible and she credits her post-baby body to yoga, running, and barre—specifically, Physique57 which is a boutique fitness studio that specializes in barre classes. Just yesterday, Baldwin shared a video on her Instagram of her ab routine most likely before she went on her neighborhood run.

We’re sending Baldwin all the good vibes and we wish her ankle a speedy recovery!

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