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Kate Moss wears a diamond ring on her finger but not for the reason you’d expect

The supermodel opened up about her stunning ring in a new interview.

2020 has been full of celebrity engagements, divorces, and pregnancies. So it didn’t come as a surprise when supermodel Kate Moss has been seen with a ring on that specific finger, engagement rumors when flying. However, that’s not the case with Moss as she recently explained that gorgeous ring on her finger in an interview with Telegraph.

Kate Moss at the Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day One©GettyImages
Kate Moss and her boyfriend, Nikolai von Bismarck.

The 46-year-old model has been dating 33-year-old photographer Nikolai von Bismarck for five years, according to Telegraph. Every day the British supermodel and businesswoman is seen sporting an emerald and diamond ring on her ring finger and when asked about it, she quickly shut down any engagement speculations during her interview.

“Oh, no, I’m not engaged. It’s more like, I’m in a relationship, I’m committed. I think after you’ve been married, that finger feels a bit empty. It was an ‘I’m going out with you, and I have a very empty finger, so give me a ring’ kind of present,” she told Telegraph.

“I like going jewelry shopping with Nikolai — he’s into it,” she said. “I think some men take just as much pleasure in giving jewelry as we do in receiving it,” Moss went on to say.

The supermodel and Nikolai have always been very private about their relationship, but one thing Moss is not private about is her love for jewelry. The 46-year-old is known to always wear a lot of jewelry, even when she should probably take it off such as in the water or on the beach. “I always take jewelry on holiday - I love wearing it on the beach and in the sea; I think it‘s so decadent,” she said in the interview.

“I‘d taken this bracelet on a boat in Thailand and somebody nicked it. They sold it to someone in India, who came to London and sold it back to SJ Phillips. It was stamped, so they could identify it as mine; they called me and said, “We’ve got your bracelet,” and gave it back to me,” Moss continued.

Moss’s past love life

Moss has always been one to do things a bit unconventionally. She had her first and only daughter, Lila Grace Moss, in 1999 with Creative Director and Dazed Media co-founder Jefferson Hack, according to Elle. Hack and Moss reportedly met during an interview in 1999 and went on to date until 2003, according to the publication.

It’s unknown if Moss plans on getting married anytime soon, despite the ring on her finger, as she’s been married once before. Moss was married to James Hince, an English guitarist who was part of the rock duo, The Kills. The couple married in 2011 and eventually divorced in 2016.

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