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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton battle it out on ‘The Voice’

Monday night was the last round of the Blind Auditions.

Tuesday night was the last day of the Blind Auditions for “The Voice.” While all the singers had impressive acts- a mother and daughter vocal trio called “Worth the Wait” stole the show with their performance of Linda Ronstadt’s “When Will I Be Loved.” Worth the Wait is comprised of Mia, Jaycee, and Mama T. Their performance earned a 4 chair turn from all the judges. Gwen Stefani turned her chair within seconds of the act followed by Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

Stefani jumped at the first opportunity to talk to the trio and gushed about them being a family. “This is my situation,” Stefani said. “I am sitting back there and I hear one voice and I turn around and you saw the look on my face, literally in shock. Then all of a sudden you guys came in and it was like magic. I love that its mom and daughters, that’s so crazy cool.” Stefani continued, “I also was in a band with my brother for nine years. We wrote ‘Don’t Speak’ together, we wrote a bunch of songs together so I know the family thing as well.”

After she found out the women were interested in singing Country, Stefani boasted about her recent success in the genre. “Did you see I was on the country charts?... Twice, Number 1?” she joked with the girls. She then threw some shade at her future husband and said he was “so burnt out” after 19 seasons. Shelton held his chest after her low blow and said shots were fired. “I feel like I‘m the fresh one in the country lane,” Stefani pleaded. “I have a lot of support from the country community.” She then revealed an endorsement video from Country superstar Trace Adkins. ”I believe that every person is allotted a certain amount of good luck in his or her life,” the country star said. “And Blake, as evidenced by his girlfriend, has used his up completely. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.”

Shelton laughed along and called Adkins an idiot before he pleaded his case. “Hello, Worth the Wait. Actually, that’s the perfect name. I have one spot left and I’ve been sitting here waiting for whatever that’s gonna be, and it’s been worth the wait! In order to handle this right, especially hearing you are country, by the way, there’s not much you could have done about that because I heard you speaking, I think you need to have songs that let your harmonies soar. I would be proud to be your coach.”

In the end, Shelton ended up with the trio. Fans were impressed and touched by the mother-daughter trio. After the show aired Monday night one tweeted, “Just watched Worth The Wait on #TheVoice and holy freaking canoli. I‘m crying and don’t know why... Damn girls. Hot damn. I needed to feel that closeness to my momma again. #WorthTheWait.”

Another fan was excited about the results and wrote, “#WorththeWait are my favorite competitors on the @NBCTheVoice thus far his season! So happy they’re on @blakeshelton team! #theVoice #TeamBlake.”

Despite losing Worth The Wait to her fiance, Stefani boasted about her team on Twitter Tuesday night following the wrap of the blind auditions. She said she was really excited and blessed about who she has on #TeamGwen.