Brad Pitt - "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood" Premiere In Berlin

Brad Pitt endorses presidential candidate in the most American way possible

The Hollywood actor comes with a perfectly made political statement during the world series game, endorsing his pick for the upcoming elections as a president “for all Americans.”

Brad Pitt always seems to have the right words, this time making a perfectly made political statement during the world series game, using his voice to narrate an ad, watched by baseball fans all over the country.

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The Hollywood star joined the list of celebrities that support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the presidential elections, with the recent statement made by Justin Timberlake supporting the Democratic candidate, as well as Jennifer Aniston urging her fans to make a responsible decision and stop voting for Kanye West.

The 56-year-old actor narrated the 60-second campaign ad that showed footage of Joe Biden and his wife Jill, as they greeted supporters and voters during the campaign trail, focusing on the premise for the video “Make Like Better.”

The Los Angeles based actor went to on to make a perfect description about the country, explaining that “America is a place for everyone,” and adding that everyone is looking for “someone who understands their hopes, their dreams, their pain, to listen, to bring people together, to get up everyday and work to make life better for families.”

The ad was perfectly placed, airing on Sunday and targeting a greater sports audience, with Biden being proclaimed by Pitt as “a president for all Americans” and someone who would “work as hard for the people that voted for him as those that didn’t.”

Pitt is also the latest A-list celebrity who is publicly endorsing Biden, including Taylor Swift , Chris Evans, and even Jennifer Lawrence who was heavily criticized online after revealing she used to be Republican before Donald Trump.

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