Emma Roberts blocked her mum on Instagram after spilling pregnancy secret

Emma Roberts opens up about ‘Instagram war’ with her mom

Emma recalls being on a plane when news about her pregnancy started going around online, adding that she wasn’t able to contact her mom.

Emma Roberts got into an “Instagram war” with her mother Kelly Cunningham, after she accidentally revealed that her daughter is expecting her first child with boyfriendGarrett Hedlund, on her personal social media account.

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The 29-year-old Hollywood star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and confessed she wanted to keep the baby news on the down low at first, however it was her mom who started interacting with some of her fans on Instagram and confirmed the pregnancy rumors without knowing Emma wanted to keep it a secret.

The actress admitted that she gifted Kelly an iPhone three years ago and explained “it was the worst thing” she’s ever done, referring to her mom’s excitement after finding out about all the online content.

Roberts went on to say that things got even worse when she got Instagram, as her mother “had no idea what she was dealing with,” and even got catfished as her follower base grew, adding that her mom was also interacting with her fans constantly.

Emma recalls being on a plane when news about her pregnancy started going around online, revealing that it was her mother who had been thanking everyone for “all their pregnancy wishes,” right after a fan asked “Kelly is Emma pregnant???” to which Cunningham responded “YES!”

The actress joked about the family drama and described it as a disaster, admitting that she almost “got into a fight” with her mom, adding that it would definitely be “a good story to tell the baby” in the future.

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