Actress María Gabriela de Faría is promoting environmental awareness

Actress María Gabriela de Faría shares how she is promoting environmental awareness

After spending the past two years sharing posts about sustainable fashion, vegan eating, and personal development she realized that it was time to upgrade her game.

María Gabriela de Faría uses her platform and influence to promote environmental awareness through her newly launched eco-friendly lifestyle blog. After spending the past two years sharing on social media posts on sustainable fashion, vegan eating, personal development, and “happy earth,” she realized that it was time to upgrade her game by creating her website.

“I have long wanted to start this blog,” said de Faría. “I’ve always wanted to use my voice, more than just in brief Instagram posts, to influence as many people as I can toward more sustainable choices in life. 2020 gave me the perfect opportunity to really take the time to assess my own life and my own lifestyle and make some lasting changes. I want to share the things I’ve discovered and my own personal successes (and failures!). Change is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” she continued by adding that she “really do believe we can change the world, one good choice at a time.”

In her new blog, the actress opens up and provides fans with intimate insights into her personal life. Among her posts, visitors can read about how she is “Surviving a Stay At Home Order (in a Studio Apartment, with Two Fat Cats and a Husband),” “Vegan What??” and “We Are Not Broken.” Her writings are a deep dive into her experiences of navigating relationships, making healthier food choices, and learning to overcome insecurities.

Thanks to her work with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and Mercy for Animals, and her constant championing of animal rights, veganism, sustainable fashion, and an eco-friendly lifestyle, the 28-year-old Venezuela native has received her fourteenth Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards nomination in the “Inspiration of the Year” category (KCA Mexico 2020).

In an exclusive interview for HOLA! USA, the actress, known in Latin America for her leading roles in the Nickelodeon series Isa TKM, Grachi, and Yo Soy Franky, and Fox Telecolombia’s Sitiados 2, shares how she transformed her life and found a new call.

“It’s my passion,” she let us know from the beginning. “I am an actress, and I always will be and have been since I was five years old, but at some point in my career, I began to realize the responsibility I have, especially when many people follow you.”

“For me, sharing my path through veganism on social networks has made many people who follow me say ‘I tried it, and I loved it, and I became vegan,’” she says. “So that’s impressive to me. Sharing my experience and the positive things that happen to me have a positive influence on people.”

According to the Latin American youth star, there are times when social media information is a bit short and superficial. Still, in her eagerness to dig deeper, she decided that writing on a more personal platform would be the next step in her career. After an internal battle and suffering a bit of imposter syndrome, de Faría started her new project. “This year has been to dismantle the structures,” she assures. “Both in society and internally. So I said, ‘F*ck it!’ I’m going to enjoy what I want to do and what I want to do is carry a positive message. ”

For the actress, “there is no way to do things wrong if she has good intentions,” and that is why she was able to peel off one more layer of all the talent that she has and ventured into the world of writing. “Writing is another form of artistic expression, and at the same time, I have had the opportunity to experiment with my own life. I honestly cannot recommend something if I have not applied it or tested it multiple times on myself,” she confesses to HOLA! USA.

The well-known animal rights and sustainable lifestyle advocate said that her blog dedicates to illuminate the path towards these habits. Although she is not a nutritionist, she also shares recipes that have helped her physically and spiritually.

The next step for the star is to transform her blog into a brand. She wants to offer her readers eco-friendly products, including fair-trade t-shirts, with designs inspired by her cats — which have been the main reason why de Faría decided to change her lifestyle and the way she was eating. María Gabriela de Faría also said to HOLA! USA that 25 percent of the profits would benefit an organization that protects the environment and wildlife.

“Visit my blog,” said the actress extending the invitation to all those who seek honesty. “It is the most personal thing I have ever done in my life, and I hope to inspire you. I do believe that the world can be changed one good decision at a time. Let’s take care of ourselves and stay at home.”

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