Lilliana Vazquez, Erin Lim, and Victor Cruz from E!’s Daily Pop
Fiesta, Food and Culture!

Lilliana Vazquez, Erin Lim, and Victor Cruz set to farewell Hispanic Heritage Month during E!’s Daily Pop

The hosts would be farewelling the period by dedicating the October 14th show to amplify and shine a light on the Latinx community

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) is coming to an end. E!’s Daily Pop hosts would be farewelling the period by dedicating the second half of the October 14th show to amplify and shine a light on the Latinx community. Lilliana Vazquez, Erin Lim, and Victor Cruz would be taking viewers to a cultural trip while highlighting the many accomplishments within our people, especially in the entertainment industry.

“We’ll be taking over the second half-hour of Daily Pop and Justin Sylvester will be kind of hosting, and then it will be Erin, Victor and I,” revealed Liliana Vazquez to HOLA! USA. “We’re going to be taking a half hour to really celebrate all of the success and splendor of Latinx artists and entertainers in the US. We’ve been celebrating all month long on different opportunities both in linear and in digital, but this is kind of like the culmination of it.”

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Vazquez, who is Puerto Rican and Mexican, said that along with Cruz (African American and Puerto Rican) and Lim (Filipina and Mexican), they would be having discussions about identity and different cultures. “[We are going to be] talking about what it’s like to navigate those identities to the community as Americans, and we also have amazing interviews,” Vazquez said. The Latinx hosts would be interviewing JBalvin, CNCO, and Justina Machado as a way to celebrate their incredible achievements and accomplishments in the United States. “We are going to shine a light on what created kind of the new next generation of talent across a couple of different industries like Music Television and Film,” the TV presenter said.

E!’s Daily Pop hosts would also be engaging in a candid discussion on Hispanic and Latinx identity. The similarities and differences of the term and how to bring awareness. “Well, I think the discussion is going to be about —at least when I think of the words Hispanic vs. Latinx — Latinx feels just like a newer term for the same thing,” said Victor Cruz to HOLA! USA. “That the same awareness, the same fight that we’ve been fighting for all these years, to bring awareness to Hispanics and Hispanic culture. I think it’s just a name for it, and it’s a new generational need for it, and either way, in my opinion, how whatever they want to call it, whatever name they want for, whatever new ways, Gen Z, all these different names that come about. I think it’s all about awareness, and it’s all about shedding light on the Hispanic culture. And I think that’s what we’re going to be doing tomorrow [October 14th] is shedding that light and bringing people into our world a little bit more,” he added.

For Hispanics and Latinx, food — among other things— is what unites us; Therefore, Daily Pop would also be presenting a segment with Chef Aarón Sánchez. He is known for being a judge on FOX‘s culinary competition series MASTERCHEF and co-starring Food Network’s Chopped and Chopped Junior. According to Erin Lim, Sánchez will be cooking “something special, and it’ll be like a nice surprise.” The Los Angeles native revealed to HOLA! USA that she and Victor Cruz would be showing traditional dishes. “Victor and I will be bringing dishes from our own cultures. Dishes that we grew up with, and we’re really excited to share that,” Lim said. “I personally will be bringing in the dish that I grew up on, and my mom used to make. I’m actually going to be making that tonight to bring in for tomorrow’s show. And I am currently thinking about all of,” she joked. “I think it’s really cool that we get to share what I think that’s a big part of the Hispanic/Latinx culture, food. So, it’s the thing that brings us all together; it’s the thing that makes everything better. It’s the thing that a lot of people know us by.”

Excited about the show and all the conversations, interviews, and activities, the hosts revealed the foods they love to eat the most. For Liliana Vazquez, the Chilaquiles Verdes, a classic Mexican recipe made with fried tortillas smothered in a green tomatillo sauce, is her favorite dish. Victor Cruz said to HOLA! USA that his favorite dish is his mom’s bacalao (dried and salted cod) with white rice, while Erin Lim is a huge fan of tacos. “I love tacos,” she said. ”Growing up in L.A — Mexican street tacos are so big and part of our culture. Monday night used to be taco night, and I know there’s ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but for me, my mom used to stay home on Mondays, and that was the day when she could cook up dinner, and she used to make us tacos, and rice and fideos, but simply plain tacos — I love it,” she added.

Tune-in Wednesday, October 14th at 11:00 AM ET to Daily Pop on E! to enjoy the fantastic celebration and farewell of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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