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Why Eva Longoria promised herself she would never tell someone else how to parent

She knows what it’s like to be mommy-shamed

Eva Longoria has said that after becoming a victim to mommy-shaming herself, she will never” to tell someone else how to parent.

The Desperate Housewives star has a two-year-old son named Santiago with her husband, José Bastón. Since giving birth, she has said that her own experience with people shaming her for her parenting choices has made her promise never to give unsolicited advice to any other new parents.

“The mom-shamers of the world are real,“ Longoria said. ”I am never going to tell someone how to parent. I am in no way an expert of being a mom. That question of, ‘How do you do it all?’ Even answering it makes other women feel less sometimes. I’ll hear it, and I’m like … ‘Oh, great. She has it together. Maybe I’m not doing something right.’”

Luckily, Eva has help. The actress admitted that her own journey into motherhood has been made slightly easier by the “huge family” she has to support her. When talking to Anna Faris on her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, Eva said, “I have a huge family. I have an amazing husband who supports me, I have amazing sisters and I have amazing girlfriends who have kids the same age. We all chip in and get it done.”

Despite all of the mommy-shamers out there who may make Eva feel less-than at times, it‘s all worth it for her. The actress previously revealed that she feels like her family is “complete” now that she has her Santiago in her life.

“He‘s amazing. He’s really good. He’s a good sleeper. He’s a good eater, traveler,” she gushed over her son. ”He’s just a great kid. I got really lucky. I think God was like, this is what you’re going to need to make it. Yes my family is complete!”

She went on, further explaining how “blessed” she feels to be Santiago‘s mother.

“I mean you never shut it off. Not even when you‘re sleeping. It’s mommy mode all day long,” Longoria explained. ”I’m Santi’s mom now. I don’t know any other way to describe it ... it’s just such a genuine blessing. I’m lucky that I have an amazing baby to take this journey with me ... The surprising thing about motherhood to me, so far, has been how it has intensified my activism and philanthropy. Because now I’m like, ’I have to leave the world a better place for my son!’ It really, really matters and so, for me, I think it’s not about telling Santi how to be, it’s about showing him by example. I’m really blessed to have my amazing family that all leads by example. Hopefully he’ll follow those steps.”

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