Kylie and Stormi bake Halloween cookies

Kylie Jenner decorates Halloween cookies with Stormi

Cutest baking assistant ever!

We all know Kylie Jenner is an unstoppable force on social media, but her daughter, Stormi, might be an even bigger star. Her baby--who she welcomed with Travis Scott in 2018--is only 2 years old, but she already has such a huge personality and continues to show that off in the videos her parents post to social media.

This week, the toddler joined her mom to get into the holiday spirit by baking and decorating some Halloween cookies. The pair donned matching orange Snoopy pajamas as they baked sugar cookies before slathering them in icing and a whole lot of sprinkles, courtesy of Stormi.

“Are you gonna be a good helper?” the Kylie Cosmetics owner asks as the toddler started to lick one of the utensils. “Yes, Mommy,” Stormi answers, ”Let‘s make cookies again!”

As they bake the cookies, Stormi follows directions perfectly--except for when it comes to decorating, when she follows her own set of rules. But that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with a 2-year-old who thinks dumping the whole bowl of sprinkles onto one cookie is the way to go.

When Kylie asks who they should give the cookies to, Stormi adorably answers that she wants to share with her cousin, True Thompson.

Kylie posted pictures from the baking fun on Instagram to promote the video, writing, “back with my favorite girl baking halloween cookies 🧡🧡 check out our new youtube vid 🎃✨.”

Elsewhere in the video, Jenner asked her daughter what she was going to be for Halloween. “A pumpkin,” Stormi replied repeatedly.

Kylie addressed the camera, saying, “it changes everyday,” before gently pressing her daughter to reveal her real costume. Stormi finally let fans know she is going to be a Minion. “You’re going to be the purple Minion and me and daddy are going to be the yellow Minions,” Jenner said.

After the baking and the decorating is complete, Kylie ends the video with a message of hope for everyone getting ready to celebrate Halloween a little differently this year.

“I hope everyone has the best Halloween despite everything, and I hope everyone stays safe. We love you guys,” she says, as her daughter adds, ”I love you!”

The interactions that take place between Stormi and her mom are absolutely adorable and this footage is sure to brighten your day. Check out the video for yourself down below.

Earlier on Monday, Kylie shared some more fall fun with Stormi, posting both videos and pictures from a day at a farm on her Instagram Stories.

In one of the photos, Stormi rides on the back of a tractor wearing a mask and a Balenciaga T-shirt. In another snap, the 2-year-old poses among some wildflowers with her dad.

Clearly, the Jenner/Webster family is getting in all the fall fun they can this year, despite the fact that it’s still around 100 degrees in Southern California.

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