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Salma Hayek jokes about ‘shoegasms’ using her collection of Gucci heels as pillows

The actress shared a photo surrounded by her impressive Gucci collection

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
OCTOBER 6, 2020 10:28 PM EDT

 Salma Hayek  got feet fans excited when she shared a photo looking happy using her impressive collection of Gucci heels as pillows. The stunning Latinx showed off her tiny waist in a fitted black dress with butterflies.

Hayek captioned the photo, “Some of you might think this is a #shoegasm or a #Guccigasm but in reality, someone is doing reflexology on my feet. Algunos de ustedes pensaran que esto es un zapagasmo o un Guccigasmo, pero en realidad, alguien me está haciendo reflexologia en los pies. #shoes #feet #reflexology @Gucci” She also asked fans in the comments, “What size are you?”

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It’s no secret that Hayek likes a good foot massage. After the 2018 Oscars, she shared a photo on Instagram of her foot in a man’s hands getting a rub down during commercial break. She captioned the photo, “One of my favorite moments of the #oscars happened during a comercial break 👠 uno de mis momentos favoritos de los oscares pasó durante los comerciales #feet #love” Fans commented, “she does have really nice feet tho..” One particularly excited fan wrote, “what a lucky man.please more pic with black nylon.attention to ur feet fan.please. 😍” The comments are filled with similar compliments by feet enthusiasts. While she didn’t tag the photo it’s likely her husband  François-Henri Pinault  was the “lucky man.”

Fun Fact: Hayek has a 5 star “gorgeous feet” rating on wikiFeet- “The Collaborative Celebrity Feet Website.”

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Hayek might love massages but she won’t accept one from just anyone. In 2017 she told  Chelsea Handler  a story about the “Massage from Hell” she received in a “foreign country” (which ended up being Austria). Hayek was staying in her hotel room and wanted to get a massage but there was only a male masseuse available. Hayek decided to move forward with the massage but when it started she opened her eyes to see “horrible feet” with “fungus, over grown nails, and hair.” Hayek realized the man wasn’t wearing any pants and was massaging her naked and was horrified. She stopped the masseuse to ask where his pants were and he said some people liked when he didn’t wear any. Hayek then kicked out the masseuse and sent him to her friend next door.

Salma Hayek on the Massage from Hell | Chelsea | Netflix