Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez with daughter Emme
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JLo and Marc Anthony’s daughter Emme reveals what they’re like as parents

The impressive pre-teen is out promoting her children’s book

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s daughter Emme is following in their footsteps! While we’re used to seeing the Latinx power pair field entertainment reporters, it’s new to catch their 12-year-old in the hot seat. However, Emme has been on her own mini press tour for Lord Help Me, an inspiring children’s book she penned on the power of prayer. The pre-teen gave a number of interviews to spread the word and handled them with poise!

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jennifer lopez, marc anthony daughter book©xx
Emme Muniz wrote a children’s book called ‘Lord Help Me’

Most recently, Emme chatted with Mario Lopez on Access. We loved seeing her appear solo, her famous parents stepping aside to let her have her own moment in the spotlight. Of course, she couldn’t escape questions about the icons. Everyone wants to know what having Jen and Marc as mom and dad is like!

Emme zoomed in from a bedroom in her family’s lofty Manhattan apartment. In fact, Jennifer and her “Uncle Benny” were in the room (offscreen) for support. Mario asked which parent was more likely to “say yes” to her when she wanted something. Without skipping a beat, the little author replied, “My dad, for sure.”

Marc Anthony with Emme and Jennifer Lopez©marcanthony
Marc, Emme and Jennifer

She sang her famous parents praises, telling Mario: “My parents are incredibly proud of me. Extremely. And my mom helped me, she’s supported me in every way possible. She helped me, she came with me to the publishing meetings.”

Unfortunately, Marc couldn’t be at those meetings, but she was sure to add: “My dad is also extremely proud of me. Sadly, he couldn‘t come to any of the meetings but he was there when I did the audiobook.“

JLo’s daughter also chatted about daily life at home. “Well, my mom makes me make my bed, you know, get up… get ready for school and stuff,” Emme said when Mario asked if she has set chores, though he cut her off before she could elaborate.

The Latino host went on to see if Emme ever raids her mom’s glittering closet. “No, I don’t usually go into her closet and try on her clothes.” She revealed why, saying: “We have very different styles.” Emme’s sense of style is filled with “many different esthetics” like “super pink.” She said she doesn’t love wearing dresses. Watch the full chat above!

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