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Lenny Kravitz opens up about his unconventional friendship with Jason Momoa

Kravitz knew he liked Momoa the first time they met

Lenny Kravitz documented the first 25 years of his life in a new memoir called ‘Let Love Rule’ which will be released on October 6th. In one of the chapters, the singer opens up about his unconventional friendship with Jason Momoa.

“It’s the story of a wildly creative kid who, despite tough struggles at school and extreme tension at home, finds salvation in music,” a description reads. “In one lightning-fast chapter after another, we see him grow as a musician and ultimately a master songwriter, producer and performer. We also see Lenny’s spiritual growth — and the powerful way in which spirit informs his music.” The rock legend spoke to ‘Men’s Health’ about his memoir and opened up about his unconventional friendship with his ex wife Lisa Bonet’s husband Momoa.

Kravitz and Bonet were married from 1987 to 1993. They gave birth to actress Zoë Kravitz a year after they got married in December 1988. After the divorce, Bonet started dating Momoa in 2005. The couple had two children together before they tied the knot in 2017. While it is possible for adults to remain friends after splitting up and even befriend their future partners- its unlikely. But for Kravitz and Momoa, they’re just regular old friends. In December 2018 Momoa shared a picture on Instagram of the BFF’s and explained in the comments how he bought Kravitz a hand crafted present: a bone skull ring.

Kravitz explained to ‘Men’s Health,’ “People can‘t believe how tight Jason and I are, or how tight I still am with Zoë’s mom, how we all relate. We just do it because that’s what you do. You let love rule, right?” As mature as this is, Kravitz admitted that it did take some time at first to heal. “I mean, obviously, after a breakup, it’s work -- it takes some work and time, healing and reflection, et cetera,” he added. But that healing and reflection didn't include taking anything out on Momoa. He explained, “But as far as Jason and I? Literally the moment we met, we were like, ‘Oh, yeah. I love this dude.’”

This past August Kravitz shared a photo of the friends for Mamoa’s birthday, captioned “Happy Birthday @prideofgypsies. One family. One love.”

Kravitz also spoke about his daughter with Bonet and called her “the most real person I know.” The couple divorced when Zoë was 4 and she grew up with Bonet in Los Angeles until she moved to Miami to live with her dad. “It wasn’t easy, I’m sure” Lenny explained. “But she’s just forged her way with elegance, you know? Just having two parents who were known in the world. The comparisons. She didn’t let any of that hinder her in any way.”

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