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Nicole Kimpel talks about Antonio Banderas’ recovery: “It is not easy to see a loved one suffer”

They passed the quarantine separately and as soon as they got together again, he tested positive for coronavirus

After spending the quarantine in different countries, Nicole Kimpel and Antonio Banderas were finally able to meet again in Malaga, but as the businesswoman says, they claimed victory too soon.

All this happened in July, when they met like so many other couples after several months apart, and only a few days later the actor was diagnosed with COVID-19, she explained in a publication in which she shares how she took care of her partner by following all of the stipulated security measures by the authorities.

“He decided to confine himself in his room to avoid infecting me, since my covid test was negative. We followed the protocol all the time and we knew that we would have to be separated for several days,” explains Nicole on her blog, which she shares with her sister. ”It is not easy to see a loved one suffer and to not be able to get close to him to support him,” adds the German. Antonio had a fever, he was not an asymptomatic patient. In addition, he has also published some images of those days, in which they were only seen through the glass of the terrace, an area that was also used to get things to him. ”With this disease, it is important to keep your distance, if you want to be healthy to take care of your partner you have to stay away,” she continues.

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Kimpel gives her followers some recommendations such as washing hands frequently, disinfecting and opening windows whenever possible, as well as not touching one’s face. She also remarks the importance of vitamins to boost the immune system. She comments that they took an extra vitamin and echinacea, a plant with multiple benefits that is used to combat ailments such as respiratory infections and that is one of the favorite immune system enhancers of the Banderas’ couple. There was no shortage of teas, orange juices and, of course, lots and lots of water.

The entrepreneur was certainly a very good nurse. She did the best she could, and she remarks that it is possible to live with a covid patient, as long as all of the safety measures are followed at all times. At the end of August, Banderas reappeared virtually at the Malaga Festival to “deliver” the Biznaga Ciudad del Paraíso to the Argentine actor Óscar Martínez. ”I feel relatively well, just a little more tired than usual,” he said. The actor said that he would take advantage of the isolation to really relax and do things he would usually not have time for, like reading, and writing.

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