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Kicking out the insecurities!

The reason why Selena Gomez has a scar on her leg

“I didn’t want it to be in photos, so I wore things that would cover it up,” she wrote.

Selena Gomez is looking better than never because emotionally; she is feeling better than ever. The singer, songwriter, actress, and now makeup mogul, took social media to kick the insecurities out of her life and show a part of her we’ve never seen until now. Gomez posted a photo of herself a one-piece blue swimsuit to talk about the scar she has after having a kidney transplant in 2017.

“When I got my kidney transplant, I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar,” she wrote. “I didn’t want it to be in photos, so I wore things that would cover it up. Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through… and I’m proud of that,” she continued congratulating LA’MARIETTE founders for using their brand to help women to exude confidence no matter their size or visible marks. “Congratulations on what you’re doing for women, launching @lamariette whose message is just that...all bodies are beautiful.”

Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic disease that can affect the skin, joints, blood, or kidneys. After experiencing life-threatening complications, she received the organ from fellow actress Francia Raisa, one of her closest friends. Although both survived the procedure, Selena Gomez broke an artery during the transplant and had to have emergency surgery to build a new artery using a vein from her leg.

“I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of,” she wrote back in 2017, sharing a photo of herself and Francia Raisa after surgery. “So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering. It was what I needed to do for my overall health. I honestly look forward to sharing with you soon, my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you. Until then, I want to publicly thank my family and incredible team of doctors for everything they have done for me prior to and post-surgery. And finally, there aren’t words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa. She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much, sis,” she continued inviting people to donate to the Lupus Research Alliance.

At the beginning of this year, the “Rare” singer revealed to Miley Cyrus that she was bipolar. “After years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Gomez said. “So when I go to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it. And I think people get scared of that.”

The businesswoman also said how she addressed and tried to overcame her mental health problems. “I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen some of it even in my own family, where I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ I’m from Texas. It’s not known to talk about your mental health,” she told Cyrus. “You’ve got to seem cool, and then I see anger built up in teenagers and young adults because they are wanting that so badly. I just feel like, when I finally said what I was gonna say, I wanted to know everything about it, and it took the fear away.”

Despite her health issues, Selena Gomez is a resilient woman, and she is putting her energy to advance her career. Recently the singer dropped new music, released a cooking show, found a makeup company, and even created an ice cream flavor inspired by her most recent collaboration.

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