JLo & Maluma premiere "Pa Ti'" + "Lonely" | Original songs from "Marry Me" (Universal Pictures)

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma play unlikely lovers in ‘Pa’ Ti’ and ‘Lonely’ double video

These videos are full of twists and turns

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma come together to portray unlikely lovers in their brand new double video for “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely.”

The visual begins with “Pa’ Ti.”

In this video, J. Lo portrays a billionaire who is living a lavish life beyond most people’s wildest dreams-- which probably isn’t too far off from her actual life, beside the fact that she’s always working. In the meantime, Maluma serves as her bodyguard while they both sing in Spanish over a seductive beat.

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Lopez continued to relax in her mansion while Maluma stares into an empty refrigerator. As the video goes on, we find out that the pair are actually lovers, not just business parters. The plot thickens even more when it is revealed that J. Lo is under investigation for some shady business dealings. While the video portrays Maluma as a concerned lover carefully watching over her work, it’s later unveiled as they share intimate moments in her mansion and on a rooftop that he’s working undercover.

JLo & Maluma premiere "Pa Ti'" + "Lonely" | Original songs from "Marry Me" (Universal Pictures)©Universal Music

As “Pa’ Ti” comes to an end, “Lonely” picks up right where it left off. We see the couple in bed together as the FBI raids Lopez’s mansion and take her into custody. That is the moment that she discovers her bodyguard and her lover is also an FBI agent.

Watch the video for yourself down below:

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are clearly very comfortable working with one another at this point, as they costar in upcoming film, Marry Me, alongside one another. These two singles, “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely” are going to be featured on the film’s soundtrack.

In the film, the Hustlers actress portrays a musical superstar by the name of Kat Valdez who is set to marry a hot new musician named Bastian, played by Maluma. Their not-so-intimate ceremony is set to take place in front of their millions of fans, being streamed across multiple platforms--But, when Kat learns, seconds before the ceremony, that Bastian has cheated on her with her assistant, she has a meltdown on stage. As the life she thought she knew crumbles right before her, she locks eyes with a stranger in the crowd, deciding to marry a math teacher, played by Owen Wilson, instead.

The movie begs the question, “Can two people from such different worlds bridge the gulf between them and build a place where they both belong?”

Marry Me arrives in theaters on February 12th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Until then, watch the visuals for “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely” up above to get your J. Lo and Maluma fix.