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Jennifer Lopez says ‘American Idol’ Finale with Marc Anthony was a sacrifice

In her book, “True Love,” Lopez felt relieved after deciding it was best for both parties to divorce Anthony

Jennifer Lopez has been sharing more and more details about her separation from ex-husband Marc Anthony. She just recently revealed the 3 words Anthony said that broke her down completely. And now, J.Lo tells us what went on behind the scenes of the season finale performance with Anthony and why it was a total sacrifice for her.

The singer spent 10 years married to fellow artist Anthony, but toward the end of their marriage, which lasted from 2004 to 2014, Lopez says she didn’t want to give up on her marriage. Nevertheless, she admits in her book, “True Love,” that she felt relieved after deciding it was best for both parties to divorce Anthony. Still, she dreaded what would come after that.

Lopez says she was supposed to perform with American Idol co-hosts Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson for the season 10 finale. None of this happened, since Tyler couldn’t agree on a song. She had a plan B. Lopez spoke with American Idol creator and producer Simon Fuller, and they were able to come up with an alternative final performance - she and Anthony would sing a song together. The couple agreed, but Anthony later changed his mind. He wasn’t on board with a duet for the song Lopez suggested they sing together, entitled “Aguanile.”

Anthony said it was “a guy’s song,” so he didn’t want J.Lo to sing with him. However, he said she could dance on stage if she wanted. “Marc was amazing, and it turned out great,” wrote Lopez. “But later I realized that performance should have been the culmination of an amazing year in my life and my career and for some reason it just wasn’t.”

Lopez wanted to sing with her ex-husband, but she didn’t want to create conflict, so she agreed to dance. “I wasn’t sure about it, but I reluctantly agreed,” wrote Lopez. “After all, I wanted this to be good for us. I was going to put all the love and all the power I had as an entertainer and a performer into doing it.”

The American Idol finale performance was supposed to be about Lopez but she agreed to step out of the spotlight for Anthony - an ultimate sacrifice. J.Lo says that she wanted to save the relationship, so she compromised.

As her marriage was winding down, Lopez knew that her divorce would not only change her relationship status but her household as well.

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