Lele Pons celebrates another milestone in her musical career.
20 million and counting!

Lele Pons celebrates another milestone in her musical career

This is the reason why thousands of fans filled the comments section of her Instagram account with the number 20.

Lele Pons celebrates another milestone in her musical career. The Venezuelan-American internet celebrity, YouTuber, actress, singer, and former host of La Voz... México, took social media to share a photo of herself and Puerto Rican rapper, Guaynaa, posing with their hands open, after the music video of their recent song “Se Te Nota,” reached 20 million views. Immediately, thousands of fans filled the comment section with the number 20, while other celebrity friends, like Paris Hilton and Prince Royce, left emojis to congratulate the duo.

On August 31, the 24-year-old singer shared behind the scenes footage, including the song’s recording session; days later, on September 2, she dropped the spicy collaboration to farewell the summer with a lot of rhythm. “My new song ‘Se Te Nota’ is out everywhere, including @facebook!!” she wrote on her Instagram account, accompanying a short music video scene.

The Caracas native also had an interactive moment with her fans after asking them to send questions about her most recent single. “ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MY NEW UPCOMING SONG WITH @GUAYNAA_! Responding to everyone!!” she tweeted. ”Will It has a video clip?” a person asked. ”Yes! One of my favorite music videos yet!!” Pons replied. The singer also revealed how it was like working with Guaynaa. ”Did you enjoy working with Guaynaa?” the fan questioned. Pons kept it short and simple by writing, ”yes!! He’s the best.”

Pons began her career on Vine, a discontinued short-form video hosting service, where she used to showcase her creative and humorous side. “I started with my friends, and I started becoming bad,” she said to Teen Vogue. “At first it was just being really creative - it wasn‘t even funny stuff. Thanks to her talent, Pons became the first “Viner” to reach one billion loops. ”I started getting more and more followers. It got to the point where a lot of people depended on me to make them, I guess—just so they could get a laugh,” she says. ”People from my school were respecting me more, and it was really weird. I don’t really care about that, but I was very happy with it and kept doing what I was doing.”

Having the spotlight on her, Lele Pons started expanding her career. In 2015, she launched UNO Magnetic, a jewelry collection inspired in her bold, bright side. “It‘s called UNO Magnetic, and it inspires you to express yourself. Whatever you’re feeling, you put it into your UNO,” she said. “It’s super fun and colorful. I’m going to wear mine when I go to Ultra Music Festival.”

A year later, the entrepreneur also co-authored a novel based on her high school experience. Then she starred in the 2016 romantic comedy We Love You and in several music videos, including “Havana” by Camila Cabello, and ”Downtown” by Anitta and J Balvin.

Pons always dreamed of becoming a singer and actress. Before her debut single, she said she aspires to have a career like Ariana Grande and Meryl Streep. “Ariana Grande was on a TV show, and then she started her career singing,” she said to Teen Vogue. “If I‘m offered a TV show, I’m going to pursue that and then see if I can push my singing. And then if I push my singing, awesome. My biggest goal, though? Be an actress in movies. I would love to have a career like Meryl Streep’s someday.”

In May 2018, her dreams started to take shape when she released “Dicen,” a Spanish-language duet with Matt Hunter. But social media and the music industry is not the only thing she is famous for, Pons became a brand ambassador for CoverGirl, and walked at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan.

Focused on growing her musical career, she later released “Celoso,” her first solo single, and then her first country song ”Señorita” with the Jake Owen duet. Pons ended up 2019 with a new song and music video for “Vete Pa La.”

Enjoy “Se Te Nota”