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Justin Bieber fills in for Drake in Popstar Music video and shouts out Selena Gomez

The music video is a fun story that leaves Bieber wondering if it was all dream

Drake and DJ Khaled just dropped their music video for “POPSTAR” and it features one of the biggest ones of our time. The video opens up with DJ Khaled blowing up Drake’s phone because he is so eager to film the video for their new song. Message after message Khaled is practically begging Drake to start filming because the song is just “too big.”

Drake eventually loses his patience and calls Khaled “off his rocker.” “It‘s like you give someone everything you have and they’re just like ’another one, another one... I already gave him a song and now he wants a video?” Drake complains. The video was the first time fans have seen Drake act since his Degrassi days and hopefully they weren’t too disappointed by that they saw. Drake’s final resort is to call Justin Bieber to take his place as the star of the video. Which seems fitting, who else would you call for a song called “POPSTAR” than one of the most successful pop stars in history? Drake posted a clip from the video on Instagram captioned, “Thanks JB... I owe u you one.”

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Thanks JB...I owe u you one. 🤍

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After Drake makes the call, Bieber wakes up in a bed surrounded by women and lip-synchs the song in his best Drake fashion. People started to freak out when they realized Bieber had to mention his ex Selena Gomez in the song. Drake raps, “Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa/It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl.” Bieber kept the shoutout pretty low key and mouthed her name with as little energy as it would take do so. The rest of the video is Bieber doing pop star things like dancing in front of expensive cars, posing shirtless, and flipping off the camera in a fur jacket and chains. Bieber falls asleep surrounded by women but then wakes up shirtless in his bed at home with his wife Hailey Bieber. He starts to tell her about the crazy dream he had and tells her he loves her. Before the video ends the couple goes for a walk and Bieber’s phone starts ringing with “Baby” as the ringtone with Drake on the other end. Bieber seems to have loved his time impersonating Drake. Today he posted stills from the shoot on Instagram, quoting the songs in the caption.