Pop Diva, NK, conquers the United States and Latin America with her fist Spanish album

Introducing ... your new favorite pop diva, NK

NK is conquering the US and Latin America with her new track “A huevo,” from her latest album ‘Ecléctica’

Get ready for September 4th! The Ukrainian pop diva, Anastasiya Kamenskykh, also known as NK, is dropping her long-awaited first Spanish-language album ‘Ecléctica’ alongside the release of her new video ‘A huevo.’ Take an exclusive look behind the scenes on HOLA!

NK already has many impressive accomplishments, including a top hit on the Billboard charts for her song ‘Peligroso.’ Her latest track ‘Elefante,’ (strongly recommended) has catapulted NK’s popularity in Latin America, gaining over 100 million views on YouTube. The visual intensity of ‘Elefante’ will help you understand why there are millions of views on her YouTube channel. Bonus: it also included in the new album. Check it out!

One of her most exciting traits is her love for Latin American culture. As a fully quinti-lingual (Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Spanish, English) artist, she manages to fuse her Eastern-European background with Latin American language and beats. The result: a completely new sound and style that will help her listeners appreciate her understanding of her varied musical background. NK has also helped make Latin music more popular in Eastern Europe.

The long-awaited first Spanish-language album ‘Ecléctica’©NK

The pop diva is a true supporter of creating music ‘without borders.’ This new album contains music that will make you dance, gets you hyped and helps you appreciate NK’s true love for Latin culture. The new song, “A huevo,” contains authentic elements of Mexican and Ukrainian cultures, including palabras in Spanish and Ukrainian. NK’s capability to penetrate the Latin American market, as a Ukrainian artist, is remarkable. She is the also the most popular singer among Russian-speaking people globally.

“As a real cosmopolitan girl, I enjoy the incredible symbiosis of such colorful cultures - Ukrainian and Mexican - whose bright mood is present in every track of my new album. Courage, passion, and fiery drive have merged. Music has no boundaries, as well as my love for new things in my work. It doesn’t matter where you were born, where you grew up - the language of music brings together even the most remote places of the planet.”
The long-awaited first Spanish-language album "Ecléctica" and a video for the track "A huevo" is here.©NK

NK is the first Ukrainian artist to have the privilege of becoming a distinguished guest at the 19th Latin Grammy Awards. NK has also appeared and performed on multiple famous Latin American TV shows including: ¡Despierta América!, Acceso Total, Titulares Y Más, Buenas Dias la Familia and many more. Among her successful collaborations, the pop diva has worked with the Jacob Forever, Jessy Frank, and De La Ghetto as well as Juan Magan.

NK is a super famous singer, who is the only Ukrainian artist to enter the international market and conquer Latin America, she is also a judge of the ‘Voice,’ an influencer and blogger. With her achievements, the artist proves that music has no boundaries.

The video is full of authentic elements of Mexican and Ukrainian cultures©NK

Finally! Take a sneak peek of the new song in this exclusive behind the scenes footage that NK has shared (only) with us!

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HOLA! has curated a short playlist to introduce you to NK (if you need an introduction). This will hold you over until next Friday, September 4, 2020, when her new big single will drop here on HOLA! Stay tuned!

NK’s Spotify Playlist

As a real cosmopolitan girl, I enjoy the incredible symbiosis of such colorful cultures - Ukrainian and Mexican."©NK