"America's Got Talent" Season 15 Kickoff

Watch Sofia Vergara reunite with her Modern Family husband on America’s Got Talent

Modern Family fans just witnessed an epic reunion on America’s Got Talent.

Modern Family fans just witnessed an epic reunion on America’s Got Talent. Actor Ed O’Neill popped in from Hawaii via video chat to surprise his former TV wife and host Sofia Vergara. O’Neill and Vergara played Jay and Gloria Pritchett since season 1 of the show. Their unusual relationship and age difference was a major storyline in the pilot episode. This was back in 2009 and the series just came to an end in April of this year. Meaning they played husband and wife for over 10 years, longer than a lot of real-life couples!

Naturally, spending all that time together secured a real and authentic bond between the two. Access Hollywood posted a sneak peek of the episode that showed the precious reunion. AGT host Terry Crews announced that there was a special surprise and O’Neill popped up on a huge screen on stage. When Vergara saw his face she lit up and yelled “MY HUSBAND” and told O’Neill she missed him “so much.”

O’Neill teased Vergara and asked, “How did you manage to get the perfect job where you get to sit down the whole time and other people do all the work?” Vergara laughed and replied that “God is just always good to her.” She can say that again! As of 2019, Vergara is the highest-paid television actress for the sixth year in a row.

Vergara also assured O’Neill that she hasn’t fallen on set yet. Apparently, she had trouble managing her balance on Modern Family. With the huge heels and tight dresses her character would wear on the show, it’s no surprise she was a little clumsy. O’Neill described the spectacle and said it was “like a puppet when somebody cuts the strings, straight down.” Vergara confirmed this fact and said, “I don‘t go forward or sideways, I just fall straight down.” O’Neill also said he was a big fan of the show and sent well wishes to Simon Cowell who recently broke his back and had to take a break from the show to recover. Co-host Howie Mandel joked and said, ”well, unlike with Sofia, when he falls it’s a bigger deal.”

AGT has had a roller coaster ride trying to figure out how to film live shows during a pandemic. They are reportedly taking season 16 to Germany which has started some drama with Vergara’s cohost Heidi Klum and ex-husband Seal.

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