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Find out how much Kris Jenner ‘accidentally’ spends on gifts for her grandchildren

Jenner’s grandkids are overloaded with more toys and stuffed animals that they could possibly play with

Some accidents are bigger than others. While some might “accidentally” pay full price on a discounted item or go a little overboard buying holiday gifts, a source told Life and Style that Kris Jenner accidentally spends thousands of dollars buying gifts for her grandchildren. The insider described the costly “accident” and said, “She could walk into a store for one thing, like a dress for North, and end up spending thousands of dollars because she’ll buy it for all the girls.” They continued, “then she’ll have to get the boys things and it turns into a whole thing.”

We’ve all felt bad for the kid that has to watch someone open presents but Jenner was spoiling her grandchildren before she had 10 of them. In 2018 after Kim Kardashian gave birth to Chicago, Kris reportedly spent $10,000 at just one boutique for her. Then in 2019 for Chicago’s first birthday she gave her a $3,350 Louis Vuitton monogrammed music box. That same Christmas Kris gifted Stormi a 2-story life-size playhouse with a balcony, hardwood floors, arched window panes, a doorbell, and a side porch. The gift went viral and many went on twitter to joke about how it was bigger than their family house.

So what do all of her kids think about this? According to a source that spoke to Life & Style in October 2019, Kim, Khloe, Rob and Kylie “let Kris do what she does.” The source continued, “They think it’s funny, but all of the grandkids are overloaded with more toys and stuffed animals that they could possibly play with.” Kourtney Kardashian on the other hand, “would rather her mom spend quality time with her kids than buy them stuff they don’t need. They already have more than enough.”

According to Kris, she isn’t just about luxury goods and material items but she spoils them with one on time too. At the Nazarian Institute Think Big event in January 2020 she told reporters they spend time alone together baking, making cookies, and going shopping.

The family has been criticized in the past for having “more than enough.” Kylie even deleted an Instagram video after she was attacked in the comments for spending $3 million on a Bugatti Chiron when there are “people starving.” Accidentally buying thousands of dollars worth of luxury items and toys for toddlers may seem wasteful but the insider said whatever the kids don’t use are donated or given away to members of the staff.

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