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Cameron Diaz makes TikTok debut with EPIC video

The A-lister and her partner in wine put their hat in the TikTok ring

Cameron Diaz in the house! You may have found the 47-year-old in your “For You Page” on TikTok this week. “Made my first TikTok ya’ll!!” Cameron exclaimed in the caption of her premiere video on Thursday, July 30. For her debut, the Charlie’s Angels icon and her friend Katherine Power completed the app’s popular #WineChallenge. Calling upon a unique dexterity, the challenge dictates a person to sit in front of their friend and pass them a glass of wine using only their mouth. The person in back, which was Cameron, must then sip the entire glass. So, how did they fare?

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cameron diaz friend©@katherinepower
Cameron Diaz and her friend Katherine Power

The pair killed it, leaving Cameron to write “Who’s up next?!?!” in her caption. The video’s vibe was elevated by Enya’s unforgettable jam Only Time. You may be wondering the biggest question of all: what wine did the ladies use? Their brand Avaline, of course! Cameron and Katherine are business partners in the venture.

Ahead of the viral TikTok, Cameron discussed her new organic wine on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “Look, I have drank wine my entire life and my assumption is that it was just fermented grapes, why wouldn‘t it be?” she said to Seth (who called the wine delicious). ”And then we learned sort of what possibly could be put into wine, and we realized that we wanted to drink only wines that didn’t have those things in it.”

“Then, we realized… we make such an effort to consume organic groceries, to put clean skin products on our bodies and to wear organic cotton, all these things - we never really questioned our wine,” she continued. “When we realized that it wasn‘t a given that our wines were organic, we went ahead and sort of - the pillar of our wine was that it had to have organic grapes.”

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