Alexis Ohanian with his daughter Olympia Ohanian who he shares with Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia left ‘speechless’ by dad’s sweet gesture

We’re obsessed with this daddy-daughter duo’s favorite pastime

It’s not every day that an energetic two-year-old is rendered speechless, but Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. was just that on Saturday, July 18. Serena Williams’ daughter - and America’s budding sweetheart - couldn’t find the words to express how she felt about a sweet morning surprise from her dad Alexis Ohanian Sr. Lucky for us, the former Reddit founder shared snippets of the delightful moment to his Instagram story, reminding us all that it’s the little things that matter most.

alexis ohanian daughter©@alexisohanian
Order up! Alexis Ohanian made his daughter Olympia a custom pancake treat

“It was only a matter of time before @olympiaohanian asked for chickaletta,” the dad-of-one wrote over a photo of him cooking up a pancake replica of the PAW Patrol fan-favorite character. Alexis then shared a video of him serving his tiny tot the custom confection. “Bok! Bok!” he said, imitating the animal for his excited daughter. Olympia, who was watching tv (probably Paw Patrol), looked elated upon seeing the final product! As Alexis later wrote on Instagram: “Speechless is the best reaction.”

alexis olympia pancakes©@alexisohanian
Olympia was filled with glee at the sight of her treat!

Olympia and her dad have an unofficial Instagram cooking show, with the pair passing their time in lockdown by getting busy in the kitchen. A beloved breakfast is pancakes in the shape of Paw Patrol characters using multi-colored batter. Those designs are a bit too intricate for a two-year-old to do, but Olympia seems to have flexed her skills on the waffle front. “Is it even breakfast if it‘s not this fluorescent??” Alexis wrote this summer, flaunting a whimsical red waffle made by his one and only, “@olympiaohanian has redesigned breakfast.”

serena williams daughter©@alexisohanian
Don’t worry - dad labeled it just in case!

Don’t put the father-daughter duo in a box, though. They’ve ventured into other meal types, too. Alexis and Olympia tried out homemade pizza back in June. The tech mogul showed a grinning boomerang of the cutie sprinkling cheese onto the dough. Serena gets in on the action, as well, boasting that she’s nailed the cinnamon roll game among other recipes. The trio is a clearly foodie family and, lucky for us, loves to show the world what they’re whipping up. Now, BRB, I’ve gotta grab a snack!