Cameron Diaz makes an exciting announcement

Cameron Diaz shares exciting news

A baby-naming site was used to come up with the ‘strong but feminine’ name

Over seven months after announcing the birth of her first child, Cameron Diaz has a new baby on her hands—her new “clean” wine brand Avaline. The There’s Something About Mary actress, 47, and her best friend Katherine Power launched Avaline on Thursday, July 9. “Introducing @avaline! 🌟 It all started two years ago on a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon in the backyard with @katherinepower. We realized that we knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies—why not wine? Our journey to answer that question led us to create @avaline, a range of clean wines,” Cameron shared.

Cameron Diaz and her friend Katherine Power have launched a clean wine brand©Getty Images
Cameron Diaz and her friend Katherine Power have launched a clean wine brand

“I’ve always believed that the key to wellness is balance. ⚖️ Creating a clean wine that is full of natural goodness and free from dozens of unwanted and undisclosed extras helps me find that balance when I’m enjoying a glass of wine,” she continued. “It’s wine at its purest, created for those who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and a relaxed approach to wellbeing. 🍷✨ Link in bio. Cheers to that! CD #avaline.”

Katherine and Cameron revealed to InStyle that they used a baby-naming site to come up with their brand’s “strong but feminine” name. “We had so many sessions searching for the name, it was crazy. There are literally hundreds of thousands of wines out there, so all the names were taken,” Cameron said. “I have pages and pages of baby names that we went through, and this one was the one where we were both like, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’”

The friends decided to create their vegan-friendly wine after educating themselves on the winemaking process, which according to InStyle left them “pretty horrified.” “It starts in the vineyard, with the land, with how the grapes are cared for from the moment they come onto the vine. If you‘re not drinking wine with organically grown grapes, you’re drinking pesticides — it’s nothing you want inside of you,” Cameron said.

“In the wine industry, there are no regulations, there’s nothing that says that the label has to be transparent about what’s inside of it,” The Holiday star added. “We think our consumers deserve that.” Although the COVID-19 pandemic altered their launch plans, Cameron revealed that they have been able to share their wine with some friends. She said, “The response has been just as we had expected: ‘It’s the perfect rosé!’”

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