Daniella Álvarez

Daniella Alvarez, former Miss Colombia, performs her first dance after her amputation

Almost a month after her surgery, the beauty queen has returned to the dance floor with the help of her brother

Alvarez has gradually been sharing the results of her favorable recovery on her Instagram account. This time, the former Miss Colombia, 2011-2012, published a video to show how she has managed to dance thanks to a special prosthetic.

Alvarez has returned to the dance floor, one of her great passions. The beauty queen, who represented Colombia in Miss Universe 2012, is already at home recovering. With the help of her brother, Ricky Alvarez, she had her first dance after the surgery. Leaning on her brother and with the help of her prosthetic, Alvarez moved to the rhythm of ‘Besos de Coral’ by Elvis Crespo.

Daniella Alvarez©@danielaalvareztv
Daniella has found unconditional support in her brother

With a big smile and a whole lot of energy, Alvarez danced to the music of the merenguero and showed that, despite the circumstances, her strength and faith remain intact. Along with the video, which has almost two million views on Instagram, she wrote: “Putting swing to life with my favorite partner @rickialvarezv No matter the difficulties! We must be resilient in life! #enrumbatecondaniella ”. Her brother replied to the beautiful message and commented: “My favorite partner forever! 😍”.

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A week ago, Alvarez returned home, after being hospitalized for weeks at a medical center in Bogotá, Colombia. On her social networks, emotional photographs and videos of this moment were shared, which her own brother described as “the happiest day so far this year.” Alvarez left the hospital on June 26th and will now continue her recovery at home.

Former Miss Colombia and Miss Universe contestant, Daniella Alvarez, has her leg amputated©@danielaalvareztv
Daniella Alvarez is improving after having an operation to have her left leg amputated

Her right foot is also affected, and Alvarez is waiting for it to slowly start reacting. In mid-June, in an interview with the radio station, RCN Radio, the beauty queen explained her condition: “My right foot has no functionality at the moment, it is asleep and I do not know when it will wake up, when it will have life again.” She added that it is not known how long it will take for her limb to return to normal, but that doctors assured her that the right foot will be functional. “First, the foot has to regain sensitivity, and then I will have to learn to walk again. That process could take 6 months, ” she said. “In total, my recovery would take a year,” she added.

What happened during her surgery?

A month ago, Alvarez made the announcement that her left leg had to be amputated due to complications she experienced when she went in for a routine surgery to remove a lump she had in her abdomen. Since then, the model has gone on to become a clear beacon of hope as she chronicles her journey into what has now become her ‘new normal.’

Alvarez shared how the ischemia (when organs or body parts don’t get adequate blood supply) she experienced during the surgery has also affected other areas of her body. “The ischemia has also affected the functionality of my other foot as well. I am unable to walk. My right foot feels completely asleep and hasn’t woken up and we don’t know how long it will take for the foot to start functioning again,” the model revealed. She also gave listeners some insight into what the next few months of recovery will look like for her. “I’ve been told that it’ll be at least six months before I can begin relearning the walking process due to my right foot losing functionality,” she said. Alvarez also revealed that since losing her left leg, now her right leg will be carrying double the weight.