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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s family throws hilarious ‘Hamilton’ party: all the highlights

Lin and his family didn’t throw away their shot at providing amazing commentary

Hamilton is streaming and no one’s more thrilled than creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family. The lauded composer broke from his usual poetic format on Twitter to live tweet the phenomenon’s Disney+ debut along with fans and his wife Vanessa Nadal. To be honest, their watch party quips may have been the best part of the night. From Vanessa’s hilarious reaction to watching her husband’s onstage smooches to their two kids adorable antics - we’ve compiled the duo’s most satisfying comments of the night!

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Final Performance 'Hamilton' on Broadway©GettyImages
Hamilton hit Disney+ on July 3

Family charm and Disney magic were brimming from the start. Lin’s wife shared that while they were waiting to start the show with their kids - Sebastian, five, and Frankie, two - things took a hilarious turn:

“We peaked early,” the 40-year-old cultural icon replied. He then shared a little glimpse into the foursome’s watch party essentials:

When the Hamilton watch party was trending before it even started, but Lin’s kids had mixed reactions:

Vanessa revealing her reaction to watching Lin kiss other women in the show was everything:

Don’t worry, just in case she missed a kiss, little Sebastian was there to help:

Vanessa was every mom who didn’t get to sit back and watch with this tweet:

The kids provided their own hilarious commentary on the show, seemingly enjoying their dad’s work. Who tickled them the most? King George!

Some fans wondered why the kids were still up, to which Lin simply replied:

When it was questioned if they peeped a steamier scene, Lin cleared the air:

In a sweet moment, Vanessa opened up about part of her routine during the show’s run when Lin was onstage and she was at home with the kids:

And speaking of bedtime: