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Lele Pons goes on a shark adventure in the middle of the ocean - watch the video

The Venezuelan singer embarks on a private tour with bull sharks

Lele Pons is an adventurous soul, and she demonstrated it during a shark diving expedition with Salty Divers Charters and her friends Diana Maux and Sandra Gutierrez. The Venezuelan star has shown her intrepid personality on several occasions, but this one was way riskier. “Swimming with sharks,” shared Lele in her video while wearing a one-piece red swimsuit with her fins, snorkel and diving mask. Not only did she look very excited, but she made it safely to the pier. But before the three Latinas went diving, they had to feed the bull sharks. Wildlife Biologist Christopher Gillette was in charge of teaching the ladies how to dive and face their fears.

Lele Pons swims with sharks©@lelepons
Lele Pons face her fears with a shark diving expedition

According to diving experts, sharks don’t eat humans because of the iron component in our blood. However, they do a ‘test bite’ in murky waters when they smell food near the pier to taste the blood. Thankfully, humans are not in their menu or diet but precaution is always necessary when engaging with wildlife. This is not the same with alligators which can attack humans when under threat. Recently, Lele went swimming with alligators for her birthday, “The most amazing experience in the world!!” Lele exclaimed in a post. “Swimming up close to my #1 favorite animal,” she added on her underwater picture with the alligator.

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The soon-to-be 24-year-old comedian is enjoying other water adventures in Florida and enjoying an early birthday gift. So now that Lele has completed two up close and personal encounters with sharks and alligators, it is time for another wildlife adventure. After, Lele’s friend Sandra asked Chris what was next on the itinerary, “bring it on!” she said. “I don’t know, do you want to go and play with some cobras?” quipped Chris. We are looking forward to seeing what other exciting activities the three ladies will embark on.