Lele Pons y su papá
Best friends

Lele Pons recalls the day her father made a grand revelation: ‘it was a surprise, but I didn‘t judge him’

The influencer opened up about the reason behind her parents’ divorce


At only 23, Lele Pons has faced all kinds of challenges, including her battles against various mental disorders, which she has faced since she was a child. In addition to this, there have some family situations she’s had to face, such as the separation of her parents. In the second episode of The Secret Life of Lele Pons, the young singer told her fans about her father‘s preferences and shared how she felt when she found out.

Lele Pons y su papá©@laponseria
Lele and her father have a very close bond

When she was little, her parents, Anna Maronesse and Luis Pons made the decision to separate and soon, Lele realized her father‘s sexual preferences. Despite the great surprise, she understood very quickly and since then, she became her father’s number one confidant. “I found out that my dad was gay when I was little. It was hard for me at first. It was hard because I was repeating him saying he was gay until it sounded right in my head.”

Lele Pons y su papá©@laponseria
Lele quickly understood her father’s sexual preferences

Eleonora, worldly known as Lele, assured that she wanted to understand her dad 100%. “When my dad told me he was gay, it was a surprise, but I didn‘t judge him. I tried so hard to understand it and eventually I did. I was like ’ok you are gay, I want to understand how you feel and what made you decide to marry mom, why did you decide to tell me now, I just want to understand everything.”

“I think we have the best relationship anybody can possibly have. We are very close, we love each other,”Luis Pons told the cameras. There are no half-truths or secrets between them, and Lele‘s honesty is, according to her father, one of her most interesting qualities. ”She’s brutally honest with me. When she thinks about something, she always speaks up. And she will say the most incredible, difficult things, and they have always been wise, they have always come from the heart, they have always come from an amazing place, ” added the designer, who lives in Miami, Florida.

Although the relationship between her parents was somewhat complicated after their separation, they finally found a point of agreement: their daughter‘s well-being. “It took my mom and my dad a while to get along again. My dad always loved my mom, but my mom, you know, she was very hurt, because she was confused and everything. As years went on, they became closer and became friends again and supported me in everything.”

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