Salma Hayek with daughter Valentina Paloma
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Salma Hayek reveals the one worry she has for daughter Valentina

Valentina could be heading to Hollywood

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault’s daughter Valentina wants to follow in her mother’s famous footsteps. The famous 12-year-old is on her way to creating a space for herself in Hollywood. “She has so many talents! She draws, she wants to shoot movies — both as a director and as the main lead — and she writes great pieces,” the actress told HELLO! Russia. “Sometimes when I read her work I have an urge to produce these stories. But she stops me at this thought and tells me that she will do it by herself when she will be older.”

Salma Hayek daughter Valentina Paloma©GettyImages
Salma Hayek shares her fear for 12-year-old Valentina

She continued: “My daughter also has a unique talent in music. She has learned how to play piano, ukulele and guitar all by herself and just in two months! I don’t know what’s coming next for her but it seems that she has a lot of ways to go.” For Salma, although her daughter has proven that she is talented well beyond her years, she worries that her little lady will have to face harsh reality. “Her wonderful abilities are the cause of my constant fears. Because people with lots of talents often turn out not to be that great in the end,” she said.

Salma Hayek daughter Valentina Paloma red carpet©GettyImages
Valentina wants to follow in her mother’s film footsteps

“Valentina has always been doing what she wanted; I’ve never made her do anything. And this means that she hasn’t yet learned how to oppose the pressure, how to overcome obstacles. I know by experience that only the overcoming of some difficulties can lead you into the right direction. But in the end, I think that all this has yet to come to her in the future.”

Valentina may have a ways to go before she decides, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t get her start. Salma has already shown her daughter mastering quarantine cooking, photography and an unforgettable haircut.

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