Kylie Jenner daugher Stormi doing the candy challenge

Kylie Jenner teaching daughter Stormi patience with the candy challenge is the most adorable thing you’ll see today

looking for the feel-good story of the day? You just found it. Stormi just smashed the viral candy challenge in the cutest possible way making Kylie Jenner a proud mama!

Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi ranks high on the list of cutest celebrity kids - alongside Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia - but with her latest online tour de force, she just took the first spot: she is so adorable we can hardly take it! Her famous mom put the two-year-old to the test with one of the most difficult challenges for a kid, specially if there’s a candy bowl involved, and we are pleased to announce Stormi absolutely smashed it! Do you want to know more? Keep on reading...

Stormi ready for the candy challenge©kyliejenner
Aunt Kim was so proud of Stormi: “OMG how perfect! This would NOT be the case w Chi! Or especially Saint,” she said

In the video shared by the beauty mogul, we can see the two-year-old on the sofa, her hair tied up in a bun and wearing a little white dress. “Ok, so, I’m gonna put the chocolates right here, ok?,” says Kylie - placing the coveted bowl in front of her. “You can only have three of them, I’m going to give you three of them but, wait,” she instructs, holding her daughter who is already getting closer. “You have to wait till mommy comes back ok?, I have to go to the bathroom.”

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After Stormi promises she will wait for her mom, Kylie leaves the room, and we see the little one struggling to restrain herself from dipping into the bowl. At one point, it looks like she’s going to fail, but Stormi is a girl with a mission, and she keeps repeating “patience, patience,” in a way that will melt your heart for decades.

When mom comes back, she’s soooo proud of herself! And she finally gets her hard-earned reward. Well done Stormi! That was really tricky!

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