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P Diddy, fatherhood© @diddy

P. Diddy opens up about life as a single father-of-six and his family’s post-quarantine plans

The Bad Boy Records founder shared how it has been since Kim Porter’s passing

UPDATED APRIL 30, 2020 1:32 PM EDT

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is working hard to raise the next generation of leaders, and it’s starting at home with his kids. The rapper, who became a single father after the sudden death of his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter in 2018, opened up to Naomi Campbell during an appearance on her YouTube series. “Losing Kim and now being a single father of six, my thinking had to change,” the hip-hop mogul said. “I had to get really focused on their future because it’s rough out here.”

P Diddy, father of six© @diddy
P. Diddy has three children with Kim Porter, who passed away in 2018

He continued: “We’re excited, they’re now part of the family business; they’re now ready to step up and be leaders. We’re thinking about what are the goals we’re going to set to come out of this better and stronger and have more of an impact and change the narrative of the black family.”

Diddy, 49, shared children Christian, 22, and 13-year-old twin girls Jessie James and D’Lila Star with Kim. In addition, he raised her oldest son Quincy, 28, and has children Chance, 14, and Justin, 26, from previous relationships.

Diddy and Kim’s relationship began in the 90s, and then the pair split in 1999. The Bad Boy founder dated Jennifer Lopez for two years before reconciling with Kim in 2003. They finally ended their relationship for good in 2007.

Today, Puff is focused on making sure that his children are using their time in quarantine to come out better, stronger and more connected to each other. “Use this time wisely. Use this time for yourself, disconnect from social media a little bit. Read a book. Think about your life and get very reflective, use this time to get closer to God,” he shared. “It’s really trying to not waste the time that we have while we’re on punishment. God has us on punishment and time out for a reason. We’re getting ready for a second chance at life.”

celebrity fathers, p diddy© GettyImages
Diddy revealed that he had to become a full time father after the death of Kim Porter

The businessman is making sure that the Combs Cartel’s goals are in perspective. “We’re really focused on our plan after this,” he added. “Taking time to really ask the kids what they want to do. We formed a company called Combs Cartel. We’re trying to really just plan and see what we want to take to the next level as the family.”

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