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Camila Cabello’s says she’s ‘filled with shame’ over these photos and we can relate

In order to get that perfect selfie, there’s a process of trial and error. Camila Cabello admitted her ‘selfie shame’ as she decided to share all her attempts

Very recently, Camila Cabello posted a series of photos showing how hard it is to get that perfect picture, that precious good day selfie that we all desire, a completely relatable issue that Camila shared with her fans in her latest post. “Who else has selfie option shame?” asked the My Oh My Singer to her almost 50 million followers “like, when you post one selfie but your phone has about 30 of the selfies it took to get to that one you liked... sigh... I am filled with shame so I am going to post them anyways.”

Camila Cabello's photo©camila_cabello
One of Camila’s attempts and still, she looks super cute!

Dressed in an original bicolor The Ragged Priest T-shirt in black and yellow with the message “you bore me,” the Cuban pop star released the funny pictures showing that no matter how famous and beautiful you are, yes, you also have to work hard for that perfect selfie. “There was also these,” she wrote on top of one of images of herslef sticking her tongue. Shawn MendesSeñorita looks super cute with her updo, no hint of makeup and golden hoop earrings.

In the third photo, Camila makes a funny face showing her despair, “Ok, I’m done,” she adds on top of the image that boyfriend Shawn Mendes will surely find adorable, but the pièce de résistance is the the picture that made the cut, the selfie she used to catch up with her fans and tell them not to pay attention to the message on her T-shirt, “You don’t actually bore me I would never say that I think you’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!” Winking her eye and sticking her tongue out, Camila Cabello’s photo is cheeky and oh-so-pretty! Mission accomplished.

Camila Cabello's photo©camila_cabello
And here’s the chosen one! Pretty as a petal!

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