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Surviving Quarantine

‘On My Block’ star Jessica Garcia gives us advice for couples in quarantine

The Netflix star shares the one thing that’s helping her and her husband survive staying home together

Netflix’s hit show On My Block, which is currently streaming the third season, is one of the most talked about shows out there. In fact it has had over a billion minutes streamed and is the platform’s number one show. From the crazy adventures the characters embark on to the heart-gripping and emotional writing that grounds its characters, this show has it all. It has even garnered the attention of rapper Cardi B. “Cardi said she wanted to be on season four,” Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays the fierce and confident Jasmine, tells HOLA! USA. “I’m like: ‘Hey Netflix, can we get a four?’ Cardi wants to be there and you can’t not listen to Cardi!”

Netflix's "I Am Not Okay With This" Photocall©GettyImages
Jessica would love to see Cardi B on season 4 of On My Block

With the cast wrapped until further notice and no announcement yet about another season, we have to wait on the possibility of that mega guest appearance. In the meantime, on my block has a whole other meaning for the Diary of a Future President actress as we all navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. She and her husband Adam Celorier have been surviving quarantine together. “We’re typically in separate rooms because he has had a PS4 controller attached to his hands at all times,” she lovingly admits. “He is doing fine, but I’m losing my mind.”

The couple, who recently celebrated their one year anniversary, is still in the newlywed phase, for the most part. “We are definitely still feeling like newlyweds, regardless of the fact that we’ve been together for so long,” she says. “We’ve been together for 11 years, so at this point we’re so interconnected. I mean, of course, we have our fights, and like I’m going to slam that door every other day, but it’s just so dramatic and normal. We’re doing it. We’ll see after the quarantine though!”

Jessica Marie Garcia married©@Jess_M_Garcia
Jessica has called her husband “my rock, my partner in crime and my best friend”

Once life resumes and gets back to a status of normalcy, the Queer Eye fan wouldn’t mind having some new neighbors on her block. “I would want the entire cast of Queer Eye, the fab five,” she says of Karamo Brown, who is an On My Block fan and the rest of the guys. “I feel like that should take up my whole block to be quite honest with you. I feel like there’s nothing I won’t get out of that experience going from house to house. I don’t think I’d ever be bored or not learn something.”

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