Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme

Jennifer Lopez is identical to daughter Emme in sweet new photos

Over time, Marc Anthony‘s daughter looks more and more like her mother

The clearest example of the saying, “the apple does not fall from the tree,” can be found in the children that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony share While their son, Max, is identical to his father, little Emme is the spitting image of the diva from the Bronx, and to prove it we refer to the evidence. Recently, JLo has shared some images on his networks alongside her daughter during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Jennifer Lopez and her twins©@jlo
Jennifer Lopez and twin, Emme and Max

Apart inheriting the musical talent of her parents, Emme also has the same stunning look as her famous mom. In the sweet pic, the mother-of-two and Emme are seen making funny faces in front of the camera. If we were to list the similarities between the two, we would never finish naming them!

Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme©@jlo
Emme and JLo similarity is undeniable

Emme has the same look, the same nose and even the same smile as her mother —just some of the traits they have in common and that do not stop surprising us.

Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme©@jlo
They also have similar facial expressions

This is not the first time fans have noticed the uncanny resemblance of the interpreter of Dinero and her daughter. However, we must admit that every time that happens, we can’t stopped being amazed. Although the Emme is a carbon copy of her mother, she divides her love equally between her two children.

Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez began their love story, the bond has also spread between his children. Max and Emme, the children of JLo, get along perfectly with A-Rod’s daughters, Tasha and Ella. The strong relationship between the children is wonderful and for this reason, Emme found in little Ella not only her best friend, but also the sister she never had.

Emme and Ella©@arod
Emme has found in Ella, the daughter of A-Rod, the little sister she never had

In addition to being the same age, the girls share a taste for singing and dancing. As if this were not enough, they have a peculiar physical resemblance due to their personal style.