A mariachi band delivers a serenade for the medical staff of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases
Giving Back

Mariachi band serenades one of Mexico’s largest hospitals — watch the heart-warming video

120 mariachi players gathered at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases to support health care workers and COVID-19 patients

People everywhere are pulling together and doing what they can to help and cheer on those are have been most acutely affected by the spread of the coronavirus — in particular health care workers and the patients that they are treating. Earlier this week a group of 120 mariachi players banded together to show their support for their fellow hermanas y hermanos in the health care field as well as those afflicted with COVID-19 and play some music for them in hopes of providing them with some cheer during these uncertain times. “We did this to give encouragement, solidarity and hope to the sick and to medical staff,” explained Julio César Barragán, the National Mariachi Association spokesman, to Mexican news portal Eje Central.

Each of the mariachis donned face masks and stood a safe distance from one another as they played several songs for those inside of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases. The serenade took place on World Health Day on Tuesday, April 7, a holiday created by the World Health Organization (aka WHO) to help honor the critical work that doctors, nurses and many other health care workers provide their patients day in and day out.

120 mariachi players serenade the staff of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases©GrosbyGroup
120 mariachi players came together to serenade the staff of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases

The serenta was held at the popular Plaza Garibaldi — known for being packed with tourists, making it a great place for mariachis to make an honest living doing what they love most. Due to the widespread of effects of social distancing, these street musicians are finding it harder and harder to find work as many people are staying home and no longer traveling.

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