Jennifer Lopez talks homeschooling twins Max and Emme

Jennifer Lopez opens up about her experience homeschooling twins Max and Emme

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s kids are in virtual school because of the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus has made Jennifer Lopez the newest teacher on the block. The Hustlers actress and Alex Rodriguez’s respective children, Max, Emme, Natasha, and Ella, are currently studying at home in Miami because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As for who is homeschooling, she or Alex, the 50-year-old singer told Ellen DeGeneres via video chat, “I help with the homework.” “All four kids are doing virtual school right now and so I stay more on top of Emme and Max about that. Yeah me,” Jennifer said during The Ellen DeGeneres Show interview airing April 7.

Jennifer and Alex's children are in virtual school because of the pandemic©Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer and Alex‘s children are in virtual school because of the pandemic

While the mom of two is a successful businesswoman, her children’s coursework has thrown her for a loop. “Honestly, I think we’re all like, what is this?” Jennifer confessed. “Have you seen the math that they make the kids do now?” adding, “It’s a new math!” The triple threat continued, “It’s crazy. And so, you know, half the time I‘m like, ok, yeah. Let’s look up that word. What does that mean. It’s been an experience for sure.”

Speaking to fellow actress and mom Reese Witherspoon during a live chat on Monday, Jennifer admitted that quarantining has been hard on her kids. “They miss their friends,” she shared. “I put Emme to sleep the other night like crying that she can’t go to softball practice, and she misses her friends and she misses school. So that’s been tough. I feel like they’re all a tiny bit depressed about it.” Though they might not be the biggest fans of virtual school “they’re doing good,” she noted.

The couple’s kids miss their friends according to Jennifer©Alex Rodriguez
The couple’s kids miss their friends according to Jennifer

Jennifer, who is used to traveling for work, confessed that it’s “nice to be home” with her family during this time. She said, “So that’s kind of like the silver lining on the cloud with everything that’s going on. Yeah, just enjoying super quality time together.”

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