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Karol G makes generous donation to families affected by COVID-19

The singer helped more than 600 families in Colombia


Moved by the harsh financial situation many families are facing due to the coronavirus, Karol G decided to do her part by helping more than 600 families in Colombia. In partnership with Fundación Cathy Salguero Cathy Salguero Foundation, the Cambiando Mentes Corporation and Antioquia Provida Network, the singer paid the rent of some households, donated food, diapers and basic necessities to homes that haven't been able to go out to work because of quarantine.

Karol G©@karolg
Karol G helped more than 600 families in Colombia

Additionally, the Tusa singer has decided to help those living in poverty in Medellín, since many of them have been economically affected by the confinement of the pandemic and do not have sufficient income to survive in this stage of social distancing.

Although the singer is in Miami with her fiancé, Anuel AA , she hasn’t been a stranger to the terrible lack of necessities that many people in her country are facing.

Like many of her colleagues, Karol G and her partner have chosen to be highly active on social media to bring entertainment to their followers. The couple has shared videos and other pleasant content to appease the anguish that reigns in many homes.

With a series of laughs, jacuzzi adventures and more at-home shenanigans with her boyfriend, Karol has managed to distract her followers with the best of her daily moments in casa.

During their time in confinement, Karol G and Anuel AA have created a new song titled Follow which makes the couple’s fourth collaboration after Culpables, Secreto and Dices Que Te Vas.

"We made it while quarantining here at home, 500,000 comments and we’ll release it!!!!" captioned Karol.

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