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Thalia urges everyone to stay home despite Mexican President’s contradictory advice

President Obrador had appeared on TV stating that meeting for social occasions was fine

Mexican singer Thalia generally stays away from politics but when something is threatening her “beloved Mexico” she felt compelled to speak out. And the threat that is encroaching on her homeland – like the majority of countries – is COVID-19. Watching her President Andrés Manuel López Obrador speak on television about how it’s fine to meet up with friends and family in public places, Thalia urged her followers to stay home and stay safe.

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“After seeing this video which contradicts everything we’re seeing around the world, I felt I had to leave you this message. What he’s saying in this part of the video isn’t right. Stay home!” Pleaded the wife of Tommy Mottola with whom she shares children Sabrina and Matthew.

“We all understand that our heroes, the medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc) who are working on the frontline of this situation and other people who have essential jobs need to leave their homes. But we, who aren’t health professionals, have got to be considerate and isolate ourselves as much as possible.”

Thalia wants everyone to stay safe in her beloved Mexico

With the pandemic causing lockdowns in various countries as governments seek to limit the spread of the virus, Thalia is obviously keen that Mexicans listen to scientific advice to stay at home in order to protect the most vulnerable of society: the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and those with compromised immune systems. “I’ve always stayed out of politics,” the singer added, “but this goes against common sense at a crucial time for my beloved country.”

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