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‘Pose’ star Mj Rodriguez talks to us about taking the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and the 'blessing' helping her cope

The ‘Pose’ star is finding solace in her family, boyfriend and favorite pastime

Mj Rodriguez is feeling the effects of social distancing and self-isolation at home in New Jersey but keeping her spirits high. “It’s a little daunting and a little unusual that these times are happening,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I’m just keeping my head above water, pumping through. We’ll get through it.” Like millions affected across the globe, Pose production halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mj Rodriguez at home©@mjrodriguez7
MJ Rodriguez opens up about how she is dealing with isolation

During this time, the star is finding that perfect balance between working from home and having time with her family. “I’ve been trying to push myself to write this series/movie. I have a collection of things that I’ve been writing that I started a long, long time ago, and I’m trying to muster up some time to get it done,” the Olay body spokesperson says. “Most of the time I’m either here, relaxing having conversations with my family, having family meetings, talking about precautions and talking about what we need to do, and what we don’t need to do.”

Though she may be thousands of miles from set, the FX hit show is still on her mind as she is still “trying to see if I can memorize my lines for Pose,” she explains. “It’s a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve been trying to keep on top of. Even when I’m not doing work, it’s overwhelming. Hollywood is shut down, and it’s like you have to keep working from home.”

The biggest blessing has been having her boyfriend Stephen by her side through it all. “He’s been an emotional and mental support during this whole process,” she shares. “I try my best to keep what me and him do in our lives private, but with what’s going on, I’m really happy that he’s here. He keeps me afloat. He’s always pushing me to do the things that I need to do. “

Mj Rodriguez boyfriend, self-isolation©@mjrodriguez7
The Pose actress thanks her boyfriend Stephen for being a blessing during this time

In addition to love, Mj also has her “secret” pastime to help close the envelope on all of the Coronavirus madness. “I’m a gamer! I’m a big computer nerd. I find solace in my computer games. I’m an action type of girl,” she says. “When you do have the time to make space for yourself, you have to find it in the small things.”

Pose returns in June.

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