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HOLA! USA Interview

Eiza González tells us her superpower and explains why she too feels like an outsider

The actress stars as ‘human superhero’ K.T. in ‘Bloodshot’

For her latest role in Bloodshot alongside Vin Diesel and Sam Heughan, Eiza González plays ‘human superhero’ K.T., a role that took months of preparation, both mentally and physically. It was also a role that made her think of her own power. “I think my superpower is my emotional strength,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I’ve endured really crazy stuff, and I’ve navigated it the best way possible. I think that being able to fall and pick yourself back up again, start fresh with no trauma or no holding back is something that is really hard to do.”

Eiza Gonzalez Bloodshot©Sony Pictures
Eiza plays superhero K.T.

We won’t give too much away, but K.T.'s story surrounds the life of an ex-marine soldier who suffers an injury, which then leads to respiratory failure. Dr. Harting, played by Guy Pearce, saves K.T. by fitting her with a mechanical breathing device that makes her more powerful than ever. In terms of preparation, the actress reveals, “Well, it was crazy physical because I had to do a lot of underwater diving. I really had to train on how to work with my breathing and also for the character if I wanted to really make it stick that she has that respiratory issue.” Regardless of the intense training, Eiza adds, “It was a lot of learning throughout this process, but it was fun.”

Eiza Gonzalez©Sony Pictures
The actress reveals emotional strength is her superpower

Adding K.T. to her pile of action-packed roles, including Darling in Baby Driver and Nyssiana in Alita: Battle Angel, the Mexico-born actress, who would love to be able to teletransport to anywhere, anytime in history, is quickly becoming the lead for playing powerful female characters who embody strength, confidence, and beauty, of course.

But even as someone as gorgeous as the 30-year-old actress, who’s killing it in Hollywood, Eiza admits she doesn’t escape the feeling of being an outsider. “Oh yeah, I feel like an outsider all the time. Actors always have this social anxiety where it's a weird complex,” she admits. “I always feel like there's this conception of me publicly, of who I am that doesn't resonate with who I am at all. But at the same time, I always feel like I don't have to explain [myself].”

Bloodshot is in theaters now and will be available digitally on March 24.

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