Shakira has 9 siblings - who are they and what’s her relationship with them like?

The Colombian is the only child of Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarack, but on her dad’s side, the singer has nine siblings

Shakira is known worldwide for her amazing musical talent and is considered one of the most recognized Latinas in the world. Some aspects of her private life have become well known, such as her love life; However little is known about her family even though the singer has nine half siblings. Who are they? What’s her relationship with them? Do they share the fame their younger sister has? Read on for all of the answers.

Did you know on her dad’s side, Shakira has 9 brothers and sisters?

It’s widely known that one of the greatest attributes of the Colombian is the love she has for her family. Throughout her stellar career, the Barranquillera native has shown her close ties with her parents, Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarack. She was an only child from the couple’s marriage but she has nine half siblings on her father’s side.

The star mom’s priority are her two sons, Milan and Sasha, as well as her partner, the Spanish soccer player, Gerard Piqué. And although she does not show her siblings off on social media, it is understood that Shakira maintains a great relationship with them too. Here are some facts about them:

Shakira with her parents©GettyImages
The singer is the only child between her parents, William Mebarack y Nidia Ripoll

Robin Mebarack Otero and Moises Mebarack Otero are slightly more in the background when it comes to their links with the Hips Don’t Lie singer and there is little information about them.

Toni Mebarack is her right hand man and the singer has a tight relationship with him. For years Toni has been part of the team and worked as the road manager for the Dorado World Tour.

Alberto William Mebarack is a lawyer and was last seen with the Pop star during a trip to Colombia during the Christmas of 2016.

Shakira and family©Agencies
There are few photographs of all of Shakira’s siblings, this is one of them

José Antonio Mebarack lives in Miami, Florida and is a successful businessman with ties to Political Leaders, Presidents, and High Executives of multinational corporations in Latin America and Europe.

Lucy Mebarack lived temporarily in Spain and before her famous sister moved to this country, Lucy returned to Barranquilla where she works as a neurosurgeon in a clinic.

Patricia Mebarack is based in Spain and works as a teacher for students with special needs.

Shakira and her dad, William Mebarack©GettyImages
Her father’s first marriage was with Nidia Lucila Otero, whom he shares the 9 kids with, one of them has since passed.

On the list of siblings are Ana and Edward Mebarack, of whom we know little about and are out of public eye. Apart from that, the performer maintains contact with the majority of her siblings and there are few pictures or graphic records of them all together.

One of her brothers lost his life

In 2006, TV music channel VH1 presented a documentary about the life of Shakira Isabel Mebarack Ripoll. The account included testimonies of her dad William, and his son Tonino who revealed a sad family episode that was the inspiration for her song, Tus Gafas Oscuras, that she composed when she was just nine years old.

“My son died at the age of 19, when Shakira was two years old,” the singer’s dad told the story of the motorcycle accident that took the life of his son. “One day, Shakira said to me: ‘Papa, I want you to hear this song, the name is Your dark glasses.’ From the moment I lost my eldest son, I hid the pain behind a pair of glasses and she formed a connection between that and the glasses I used,” he expressed.