Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez becomes emotional as she watches young dancers perform

The World of Dance judge spent time with young dancers in Miami

Jennifer Lopez does it all for the future. In an inspiring clip, the superstar took a moment to motivate a group of young dancers. In a video posted on her YouTube channel about the run up to her iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performance, the 50-year-old star shared a moment with a group of students from a dance academy. JLo’s 11-year-old daughter Emme asked her if she could drop by the space and watch them perform.

Jennifer Lopez young dancers©Youtube
J.Lo got emotional as she watched a group of young dancers from Miami

Jennifer was the group’s biggest fan as she watched the dancers, from Miami, perform a dance routine. As the group took the dance floor, the thriple-threat couldn’t believe her eyes. After the big number, Jennifer remarked that she wanted to see them on her MTV series World of Dance.

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“The show World of Dance has given us so much tremendous motivation to work,” the dance instructor said. As the girls crowded around the performer, she gave them sound advice. “When I started World of Dance, we wanted to create something that dancers had something to look forward to, to work towards,” she told the group.

JLo gets emotional©Youtube
JLo told the girls that she is motivated to give 100 percent because of young stars like them

“When I started as a dancer, you feel like you’re in the background and like nobody is paying attention. Somebody is always watching and that’s who you have to dance for. I’m proud of you guys. You make me proud.” After speaking to the girls, the Balia Conmigo singer got emotional as she thanked her daughter for convincing her to take the time to meet with them.

Ahead of taking the stage for the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performance, where she was honored with the Corazón Latino Award, Jennifer became emotional as she revealed that the children are the reason she gives 100 percent for whatever she does. “It is a big deal,” she told the camera. “It’s always a big deal if I’m going to perform somewhere. The fans expect something.”