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It's not easy to look Shakira in the eyes - Camilo spills the beans!

The ‘Tutu’ singer shares what it was like performing with Shakira for their Davis Cup performance

Singer-songwriter Camilo Echeverry gets just as nervous about being around superstar Latina Shakira as we do — reminding us that celebs are just like us. Recently, the Can't Remember to Forget You singer shared a behind-the-scenes video of their performance (along with Pedro Capo) of their hit song Tutu at the Davis Cup back in November.

In the video shared on Shakira’s personal social media page, you get a feel for what it’s like rehearsing and performing with not only Camilo and Pedro, but Shakira. You can see that there is a clear kinship between all three performers as they get ready to showcase their hit song together for the first time ever.

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In a clip of Camilo, he reveals how looking at the Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos singer made him nervous. He shares, “It’s going to be the first time we are going to perform the song live all together.

The Regálame Tu Corazón singer continues, “I got nervous when I looked into her eyes... It’s not easy! I try to act natural... ‘Yes, I’m looking at you!’Same, Camilo, same. 

Shakira, Pedro Capo and Camilo©GettyImages
Shakira, Pedro and Camilo performed their hit song Tutu at the Davis Cup

In the clip, we also get to hear what it was like for the Primer Avión singer to see that Shakira loved his song Tutu. He shares, “I was playing the guitar and my cellphone started to vibrate like crazy... Everybody was texting me, telling me that Shakira posted a video of Tutu on her [social media].

He added, “She posted it, without tagging me saying that she fell in love with this song. I was on a plane on my way to Madrid... I was on a plane thinking: I’m going to Madrid to sing with Shakira. It was a very spiritual moment for me.

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