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Lauren Jauregui is ready to share her new music: 'They can expect my soul on a platter'

The singer is planning on releasing her first album next year

Next year is gearing up to be the year of Lauren Jauregui. The former Fifth Harmony member already has a stacked list of head-bopping singles, but in 2020, she’s dropping her first full-length album and sharing what she describes as her “soul on a platter” for the world to see and listen. Before she dazzles fans with her silky smooth voice, the 23-year-old jetted to her hometown Miami, Florida to enjoy Art Basel and stopped by the biggest reggaeton party of the week. “I love reggaeton, I grew up on it,” she told HOLA! USA at The Kids That Grew Up On Reggaeton party.

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Lauren Jauregui spoke to HOLA! USA about her upcoming album

Presented by Neon16, Buchanan’s Whisky and Spotify Genius, the event debuted a reggaeton-centric exhibition curated by Puerto Rican producer Tainy and Lex Borrero that depicted the genre and its biggest contributors through the years. It also celebrated artists who contribute to their culture through their music. Lauren, who is of Cuban descent, promises that her forthcoming album will also shine a light on her culture.

Keep reading to learn when fans can expect Lauren to drop her album, who she hopes to collaborate with n the future and how she sees reggaeton evolving in the next few years...

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The 23-year-old singer plans to release Spanglish songs

HOLA! USA: What can fans expect from your upcoming album?

Lauren Jauregui: “Ooh, they can expect my soul on a platter. I’ve just been, like, really digging in and really just discovering myself this past year in a lot of different ways in my personal life, so it’s very reflected in the music. I’ve grown so much as a person and as an artist, and I’m so so ready for people to hear this. I’m working on it right now and finalizing everything, and it feels really good.”

Can fans expect to hear you sing in Spanish?

“Yes! There will be Spanish and Spanglish, all the roots around and about.”

Who would you want to work with in the future?

“My dream collaboration...I have a few, but one of my main ones is James Blake. I love him. Also, Flume and Bad Bunny. Those are at the top of my list.”

Tonight we're celebrating do you think the genre will evolve in the next few years?

“First of all, the genre has spread and evolved itself. Esta involucrado en los corazones de todo el mundo. It's in everyone's hearts. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you’re feeling it and vibing with it. So, I just hope that it continues to spread and continues to grow as a genre. I love reggaeton, I grew up on it.”

Other projects?

“Yes, there will be some stuff dropping at the end of the year that isn’t necessarily associated with my project, but has my voice on it. And I just dropped a song with Clear Eyes and True Love called Let me Know. So stream that…that sh*t is fire.”

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