Eva Longoria shares her secret to Santiago's adorable pictures and her family's holiday plans

The actress, producer and mommy shares her secret to saving her sweet moments

Eva Longoria has no problem blessing the world with pictures from her daily life. The mother-of-one is often busy juggling life as a producer, director, and most importantly mom. When she steps behind the lens, she captures it all, but there’s one subject that fills up the most space, her son Santiago Bastón. “Ever since having Santi my photos have quadrupled on my phone,” the Grand Hotel producer told HOLA! USA. Although her and José Bastón’s baby boy is making major milestones, there’s one picture that she can count on for a guaranteed smile. “For sure a picture of Santi laughing,” she shared. “He’s always laughing.” When the time comes to pull up the photo, Eva has the perfect secret. Read ahead to find out why the SanDisk ibi is the multi-hyphenet’s go to tool for hands-free photo organization, how she gets the perfect family picture and what kind of photos the world can expect to see from her and Santi’s family holiday celebrations.

Eva Longoria, Santiago dog©@evalongoria
Eva Longoria says that the one subject that fills up the most photo space on her phone is her one-year-old son Santiago

HOLA!: What is the IBI and how has it been the perfect tool for your personally.

Eva: “It's a smart photo manager and it lets me collect all my photos and videos from all devices, whether it's my computer or cell phone or iPad or social media platforms.And it puts it all into one place and it allows me to organize it and allows me to share it privately with whoever I want. I wear so many hats, so I have photos for different things in my life. The categorization and organizational aspect of Sandisk ibi is so easy because it does it for you.”

How effective is it verses your previous method of storing and sharing photos?

“It has this great feature called the inner circle where you can invite your family and friends. It’s like a social media wall basically. I can post up photos and they can post up photos and we're all sharing the experience of these beautiful memories together as opposed to them being held hostage by my devices.”

How many photos would you say you have on average and what do you have the most pictures of?

“I just checked, 70,000. I have the most pictures of Santi and my dog. They’re always together and it’s so many.”

The holidays are around the corner, have you narrowed down the perfect photo yet?

Yeah! It’s so funny. I'm going to have a new photo with Santa this year because it'll be the first time he will actually appreciate it. So hopefully that will be the winning photo and he doesn't have a tantrum or get scared.”

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What are you looking forward to the most with Thanksgiving and then Christmas? Do the holidays have a new meaning since becoming a mom?

"I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. I like it morethan Christmas because Thanksgiving is just about getting together, celebrating a meal, breaking bread, drinking wine and being thankful. Christmas sometimes feels to melike it's just so much about presents.”

Do you take the lead on all of the cooking planning and hosting?

Yes! 99% of the time I am. This year I am not. It’s going to be a nice break. I love cooking for 40 people, and I love having family in the house where the house is bursting at the seams. I love everybody being together. That's what makes me happy.”

Eva Longoria family pictures©@evalongoria
Eva admits that she has thousands of photos ranging from work to special moments with her family

Do you take charge when it comes to getting the full family photo? Can you all get it in one take?

“Yes. It’s just hard to organize and schedule. So when we can get together and take photos, we do it for sure. I would say it takes a minimum of 10 pictures for us to get a good one when it’s a large family like ours.”

How is Santi when it comes to pictures? Has he mastered the art of posing for photos?

“Yeah! He’s great. It depends on what time of day it is too. I have so many amazing pictures. He seems to be unaware of the phone.”

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