Lady Gaga flaunts enviable makeup-free skin

Lady Gaga's secrets for perfect natural skin

Have the courage to show off your skin without a single drop of makeup

Aimée Bourrillon

Lady Gaga is one of those celebrities who seems to outdo herself with each new look. For years we saw her parade the red carpet in extravagant outfits and daring makeup; where never-ending lashes, sharply defined cheekbones and shiny eyeshadows were the common denominator.

But now, all the signs point to the diva having left this era of extreme eccentricity behind. The Oscar-winner is showing off her coquettish nature through a more subtle, glamorous, and classical style. And she seems to be taking inspiration from the "no makeup" rule for her more casual outings - where she looks stunning, but . . . how does she achieve such healthy luminous skin? Here are her secrets:

Lady Gaga uses beauty products recommended by her makeup artistn©@ladygaga
Applying products containing vitamin C and collagen are part of the key to incredible skin

Sarah Tanno, makeup artist to Gaga revealed to Refinery 29 that her famed client uses Truth Serum by Olehenriksen which is packed with vitamin C, deeply hydrating the skin and leaving it bright and soft to the touch due also to the collagen it contains. This "miraculous" product is ideal for all skin types and can be found in Sephora for $49.

Another of her wild cards is a $12 face mask. Sarah shared the fact that the Bio Enzymes Purifying Masks by Talika "have purifying properties that help to detox the skin after wearing heavy makeup and perspiring on stage."

Lady Gaga joins the "no makeup"trendn©@ladygaga
A healthy diet is synonymous with fabulous skin

In fact, this purifying effect that Sarah talks about deeply penetrates the pores to give you a clear and uniform complexion, and even prevents breakouts. Another of her tricks is specifically for looking after the lips of the singer-turned-actress. "Before each look, I like to exfoliate the lips," explained the makeup artist.

And of course, flawless skin also comes from within. That's why it's essential to eat healthily and get exercise, and Lady Gaga knows it.

Exercise is fundamental for healthy skinn©@ladygaga
Staying hydrated and getting exercise also help with skincare

According to Very Well Fit, the celeb revealed that she follows a diet given to her by her trainer Harley Pasternak. The diet consists of two main meals and three smaller meals of lean proteins, (low-glycemic) carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, and a sugar-free drink.

In terms of her workouts, the celeb told PopSugar that she trains with Pasternak five days a week, for at least 25 minutes. So get going with your skincare routine and gain the courage to shine makeup free, à la Lady Gaga.

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