Marc Anthony

Trace back Marc Anthony's love steps with this 30 second recap

The king of salsa has proved he can put anyone under his love spell

Is it the sway of his hips, the rhythm in his blood or the charm in his voice? Marc Anthony is undoubtedly the man of many women's dreams all over the world! The Salsa king has a je ne sais quoi that lures women of all nationalities, career paths and backgrounds; so much so that even young star, Isabela Merced confessed to being charmed by him when she was just 11-years-old!

El Flaco has had many women shape his life throughout the years, from models (Shannon de Lima) to entertainment stars (Jennifer Lopez) and even police officers (Debbie Rosado). Check out his love life history in 30 seconds in the video below!

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Some of Marc's relationships and marriages have turned him into a popular father. Marc and Debbie Rosado had their first child together, Arianna Muñiz, and with Dayanara Torres welcomed Christian and Ryan. Jennifer Lopez and the Vivir Mi Vida singer also welcomed children togetherEmme and Max, throughout their almost 10 years together. Like a true gentleman and father figure, Marc also has an adopted child, whom he adopted during his time with Debbie. 

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Overall, despite having multiple relationships and girlfriends, Marc truly values family and has remained amicable with all his former loves, truly making them part of the family and assuring all his children have strong bonds with their half or step siblings, awww how cute!

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