Elsa Pataky new book

Elsa Pataky will release her first Australian book on how to lead a healthy lifestyle

The book will release on November 26

Elsa Pataky has been an inspiration for women around the world for a long time, from her perfect physiqueadorable family life with husband Chris Hemsworth and a successful career, she's a role model for people around the world. Now, we the people will get a glimpse at her top secrets on how she gets everything done. The Spanish model announced via social media that she will be releasing a her first Australian book, STRONG: How to Eat, Move and Live with Strength and Vitality

Elsa’s book is a guide on how to lead a healthy, balanced and full life by providing the necessary tools needed. She's empowering people with nutrtional advice as well as excercises and mindful routines that are about "building strength of body and mind."

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Elsa, who is mother to three children—India Rose, 7, Sasha, 5, and Tristan, 5—explained to her million of followers what they can expect when reading her book. "My advice for overcoming mind-traps and other challenges, as well as my favourite high-intensity exercise circuits that can be done from home. You'll also find nutrition advice and delicious, healthy recipes," she wrote, adding that fans can purchase the book on several platforms when it releases on November 26. "You can pre-order your hard copy via the link in my bio and the ebook through Apple Books or Amazon.”

Elsa and Chris Hemsworth live a quiet life with their children in Byron Bay, Australia, which allows the family to appreaciate nature. However, the model still tries to infuse her Spanish roots whenever she can. “[I do it] by surrounding them with Spaniards," she shared with HOLA! USA. "I have almost all my family here to speak to them in Spanish. I try to educate them and tell them about typical Spanish dishes. I’m going to try to go to Spain almost every summer, so that they know it and experience its culture... so they never lose their roots.”

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