Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara lets everyone know who the family favorite is with this cheeky pic

The Colombian actress shared humorous photo wishing her cousin a ‘Happy Birthday’

Sofia Vergara is definitely one of our favorites! On October 23, the Modern Family actress took to her personal social media profile to wish her cousin Rosa Vergara a very happy birthday. In the image that she shared, you can see the Colombian beauty posing between her two cousins, one of which is the birthday girl. There is a lot of happiness shared between the three cousins with the exception of one little detail — she crossed out her other cousin’s face (again!).

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While taking the moment to share a celebratory post in honor of her cousin Rosa for her birthday, she made it a point to cross out her other cousin in the picture. She shared “Happy Birthday Rosa [celebratory emojis] lots of kisses from your favorite cousin!!! [heart eye emojis followed by a laughing face emoji],” showing that not only does she have a great sense of humor on screen, but off screen as well. 

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This isn’t the first time that Sofia’s pen has struck an unsuspecting family member. Just two days earlier Sofia shared a celebratory birthday image on her social media page sending best wishes to her niece Paula, but crossing out the other family member in the image, sending the internet into a confused frenzy. Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland commented “WHAT is happening here,” sharing in everyone’s confusion. 

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