Marc Anthony new photo with twins

Marc Anthony shares beautiful family photo for his dad’s birthday

The Puerto Rican singer celebrated his father’s 84th anniversary with a lovely new picture of himself, don Felipe and twins Max and Emme

“Happy birthday dad! Wishing you many blessings, Te amo!,” wrote Puerto Rican music legend Marc Anthony on his social media to mark his dad’s birthday. The greeting was accompanied by a lovely picture featuring the man of the hour, 84-year-old don Felipe smiling at the camera along with his grandchildren Max and Emme, the twins Marc shares with Jennifer Lopez, and of course his famous son, all posing very happily in coordinated white garments. Three generations of the Muñiz family in the same image, showing the striking resemblance they share, especially the boys!

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Marc Anthony and his dad are very close. On social media, Don Felipe has shared many beautiful moments dad and son have had and it’s easy to see how much they adore each other. “Marc is a beautiful father because he is a beautiful son,” he said during an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA. “He is a person that gives absolutely everything to his family!” 

Marc and his dad adore and support each other

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It might be that Marc learnt about the importance of family at home, since don Felipe always has sweet words for his children. “The rooster and the little rooster,” said Marc’s dad in one of his posts with a cute photo of the star kissing don Felipe’s forehead. "This is how my son Marc kisses me whenever we are together, there are hugs worth more than a thousand words. My children’s hugs are of that kind.”

“My dad used to sing all the time at home, so there was always music,” said Marc during an interview for Sábado Gigante when asked about his beginnings. “Marc was born with that voice,” said Don Felipe, “but I would like to think it was me who made him love music. When he was about six-years-old, he would interrupt our rehearsals and would not stop until he would sing El Zorzal, the only song he knew, on top of the table as if it was a stage. Then he would leave and let us continue,” Marc’s dad explained during an interview for AARP.

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Father and son’s bond is so strong, that in return for don Felipe’s support throughout his life, Marc helped him to record his first album and they even performed together at Madison Square Garden. “All that I have, all my happiness, I owe it to Marc,” said don Felipe during an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA. 

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